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3.04 Resource Status

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Resource Status

Resource Statuses allow you to temporarily hide a resource or allow you to temporarily stop users from reserving it. There are three statuses, each of which are detailed below:

  1. Available – Any resource with the ‘Available’ status can be reserved by any user, so long as they have permissions to use it.
  2. Unavailable – Any resource with the ‘Unavailable’ status can be seen on the Bookings screen, but it cannot be reserved except by Resource/Schedule Admins that have control over the Resource, or by the Application Administrator. Non-admins will see all times for the Resource as “blacked out” when viewing it on the bookings page. An example of this appears below 
  3. Hidden – Any Resource with the ‘Hidden’ status is not viewable on the Bookings page of any schedule, even for Admins. The only way to tell if a Resource is hidden would be for the App/Resource/Schedule admin to check the Resource status on the Resource screen (under Application Management or under Responsibilities, depending on what kind of Admin you are).


If you provide a reason, Resource Admins, Schedule Admins, and Application Admins will see the reason on the Resource screen just to the right of the Resource status, as shown below:



A variety of Reason Text-strings can be given for each status. To add new Reason Text to some resource status, click the three-dot icon on the Resource page, then select Resource Statuses. This will cause a screen like the one shown below to appear:



Notice each of the three statuses have their own section. To add new Reason Text, click the Add button in the upper right corner of the appropriate status section. Notice that existing Reason Text Strings can be edited or deleted via the Edit and Delete buttons on the far right of each Reason Text Row. Once Reason Text is available for some status, it can be appended when assigning that status to the given resource.

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