3.04 Search your Inventory

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LabArchives Inventory makes searching for items in your inventory easy with several tools you help you zero in on the item you are seeking.  You can search using the name of an inventory item, use filters to narrow your search to specific Inventory Type or Location, or date received.  In addition, QR Codes can be used to retrieve information on a specific item.   

For more information on QR codes, click here.

Search options: 

Simple search (Keyword search) from the home page: 

This is a quick way to search for an inventory item by name only.  This quick search does not search other fields in an inventory record, nor does it include filters.   

Items matching the search query provide context about the items that are matching your search term for you to quickly select the exact item you were seeking. 

Full search from the Inventory page: 

Running a search from Inventory page provides you with many more options.  All the fields of the inventory item are searched, not just the Name field as in the Simple search on the home page.  To perform a keyword search, simply type in your keywords in the search inventory box and click Search.  


On the left-hand of the Inventory page you will see the Filters that can be used alone or in combination with a search query to limit the inventory items displayed based on  

  • Inventory Type 
  • Location  
  • Received Date Range 
  • Availability (to show out of stock items) 

You can combine the filters to view all your Antibodies stored in a specific freezer box location.  Or simply use the Location filter generate a list of all the contents of a refrigerator for a physical reconciliation.  Likewise, if you want to review the history of an item that has been re-ordered many times, run a search for the item and check the box under the Availability filter to include the out-of-stock history for the item as well as what you current have in stock. 

Sorting Options: 

You can sort your inventory by Name, Type, Price, Quantity, and Date Received from the Inventory search menu. Click on the attribute you wish to sort by to reorder the display.