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3.05 Purchasing and Using Credits

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A LabArchives Scheduler Administrator may require users to pay to reserve one or more resources with Credits. If your reservation requires credits to be created, you will see this on the reservation screen in the area indicated below:

If you do not have enough credits to complete a reservation, you will need to either request more credits be given to you or purchase more credits by going to User icon –> Credits. If the ability for users to purchase credits is enabled, this option will appear as shown below:

Clicking this brings you to the credits screen, as seen below.

Once on this screen, you have a tab for your Credit History, a tab to buy more credits, and a tab for your transaction/purchase history.
To purchase more credits, select Buy More Credits, enter the quantity of credits you wish to purchase, then select Checkout.


Depending on the payment gateway set up by your Application Administrator, you will see an option to purchase your credits with PayPal and/or Debit or Credit Card. Select the preferred option and enter your payment credentials to complete your purchase.


Upon the completed purchase of your credits, you’ll see a Success message, along with a link to view your current credit balance.

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