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3.08 Adding Chemical Inventory Type Item

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To add a Chemical Inventory Type, go to the Add Inventory Item screen, and ensure “Chemical” is selected in the drop-down menu under Inventory Type, as shown below:


The Chemical Inventory Type, like the General Inventory type, cannot be deleted, nor can its name be edited. You can, however, duplicate this type. The Chemical Inventory type will appear in all Inventory Accounts, even for accounts where this type was previously deleted.

This Inventory Type also contains special “locked” fields. These fields cannot be edited and deleted. These fields are:

a) CAS #

b) Name

c) Chemical Safety

d) Formula

e) Molecular Weight

f) SMILES Structure

All these fields are linked together by way of the CAS # Field. This feature can be seen when adding a new Chemical Item to Inventory. If you know the CAS Number for the Chemical you are trying to add, simply input this in the CAS # field and click Lookup.


By doing this, the fields (b) through (f) above are filled out automatically. The name field is one exception; this field is only filled automatically if no name is already entered. If you already have a preferred name for the particular chemical you are trying to add, LabArchives Inventory will not overwrite this when looking up information from a CAS Number.

This information retrieved via CAS Lookup comes from the online PubChem Database, maintained by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

After the chemical inventory item is saved, the Hazard symbols are displayed on the inventory item and are searchable.

For more information on adding items to Inventory, click here.

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