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4.01.2 Revision History

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LabArchives stores every edit made to an entry or page in a notebook. Each revision is stored with a timestamp, the action taken, the name of the user to make the change, and the IP address of the user. You can always view previous versions of an entry or page and revert to a previous version. Reverting to a previous version does not remove or hide the revisions. 

Entry Revisions History 

To view the revisions for an entry, click the triple dot icon and select “View revisions.” 

The revisions history will appear like the image below: 

To view the previous version, click the timestamp. To revert to a previous version of the entry, click “revert to this version.” Each revision is assigned an entry revision number which can be helpful when viewing the page revisions history.  

Page Revisions 

To view the revisions history for a page, click on the revisions tool in the Page Tools. 

NOTE: The “Revert to this version” in the page revisions history will only revert the entry associated with the revision action. If you want to revert the entire page to a previous state, you will need to revert each entry separately.  

The page revisions history will show every change made to entries on the page. You can revert to a previous version by clicking “revert to this version” and you can undelete an item by selecting “undelete.”  

To view the page as it appeared at a specific time, click the timestamp. When viewing a previous version of the page, you will see a blue banner like the one below. To quickly move between revisions, click “Older revision” or “Newer revision.” To return to the current version of the page, click “current revision.” 

You can use this menu to step through the history of the page by clicking on Older revision and/or Newer revision. To exit from the Revision screen and return to the current version, simply click on the current revision link.  

NOTE: Comments, tags, links, copying an existing page or a page from another notebook are not saved in the revisions history.  


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