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4.01.3 Auto Save

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When you add or edit an entry, the system will attempt to save changes after 5 seconds of inactivity. You can recognize this auto-saving as the spinning icon in the upper left corner. 


The first time an AutoSave occurs for an entry, a new version of the entry is created. The revision history for the entry will list this as “automatically saved”.   


If future AutoSaves occur for the current edit session, the AutoSaved version is replaced with the latest AutoSave. Once the user clicks “Save to Page” the AutoSaved version will be replaced with the saved version. The revision history will no longer indicate that the entry was “Automatically Saved” 

Cancel Edits 

If the user clicks “Cancel”, or changes pages in the notebook without clicking “Save to Page” the user will see a message like the one below. Selecting “Discard changes” will not save the edits made to the entry. 

If a user leaves the page without clicking “Save to page” or “Cancel” the entry will continue to show that the entry is locked for several minutes. Any edits made up until that point will be saved. 

Save After Inactivity

If an entry AutoSaves and the user does not make any changes for more than 10 minutes, a warning message like the one below will appear. All edits made until that point will be saved.  

Note:  If a user is working on an entry it will lock preventing other users from editing that entry. For more information see Locking Entries while Editing. 

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