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4.02.3 Comments and Mentions

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The comments feature can be used by collaborators who have access to a common LabArchives page or entry to record content-specific notes. Comments are not intended to be a permanent part of the Notebook itself. Comments can also be deleted at any time without it being logged in the revision history. Once deleted, a comment cannot be retrieved. See “Important Notes” at the bottom of the page for more user-specific limitation.

As long as Comments are enabled at the time of sharing an entry, page or folder, every entry in LabArchives will have a Comment icon when you hover with your mouse over the entry.

If there are no Comments currently related to the entry, the cloud icon will appear as shown below:

Once Comment has been made on an entry, the icon will include a number indicating the number of associated Comments:


Clicking on this icon will display all Comments – including the name of the person, time & date – and enable you to enter additional ones or to edit those previously posted. 

The Activity Feed feature – accessible via the Utility menu – allows a LabArchives user to quickly identify all comments made – either by a User, in a Notebook, or an Account.   As an example, your Activity Feed will show this after a comment has been added to an entry:


 Users can be mentioned in a comment to communicate or share an entry. Mentioning a user will alert them by email and by LabArchives notification. To get information on how to turn off email notifications for mentions or comments Click Here.

To mention a specific user type the “@” symbol or click  underneath “write a comment”.  LabArchives will automatically generate a list of suggested users with access. After selecting users to mention, Click “Add Comment” to add the comment to the entry.

An entry can be shared using mentions. Only users with appropriate sharing rights can add a user with mentions.  To share an entry with a user type the @ symbol or click  and type the entire email address of the user.   This user will be added as a guest with view-only rights and they will receive a notification. To learn more about sharing Click Here.

If Users have email notifications turned on, they will receive an email like the one below. Clicking on the orange ‘View in LabArchives’ button will open the comment in LabArchives.

Users can adjust their email notification settings under User Properties. The Notebook Owner can show or hide content from the notification email. The site admin can turn off email content for all users. If the content is hidden, the user will not have the Reply Via Email option


Important note: Unlike an actual entry (such as text, images or any type of attachments), comments are not a permanent part of the notebook.  These can be added, edited, and deleted at any time without it being logged in the revision history. Once deleted, a comment cannot be retrieved.

For Classroom Edition users there is an exception: Instructors & TAs may leave comments in student’s notebooks and vice versa, however, comments left by the instructor cannot be removed by the student. Comments left by the student for the instructor can be removed by both the student and the instructor. 

It’s also possible to add a comment to a Signed Page.

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