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4.02 How to Request a New Item

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In addition to using the Reorder option to request a reorder of an existing inventory item that is running low or out of stock, users can also place an order request for a new item.   

Check Inventory to see if the item exists: 

  1. Simple search (Keyword search) – This will search any order requests based on text fields. To perform a keyword search, simply type in your keywords in the Search Orders box and click Search”.
  2. Filters – From the Orders menu, use the left-hand Filters to limit the Ordered items displayed based on Type, Status, and Order Date Range. 

For more information on search, see Search your Inventory.

How to Submit an Order Request 

  1. Click on Orders in the top menu (upper right-hand area of the screen) to Open the Order page. 
  2. To request an Item, click on the “+ Request Item” option on the Order page. 
  3. Fill out the required fields for the Order Request. These fields can be edited after the request is submitted. 
    • Name: The name of the inventory item can contain up to 255 characters as well as special characters. 
    • Inventory Type:  An Inventory type must be selected before the item can be requested. Only one inventory type can be selected. For more information on Inventory Types, CLICK HERE. 
    • Catalog #: Save time ordering a specific item by entering the catalog # for your Lab Manger. Note: this field can be edited if need. 
    • Vendor: This will automatically show a list of previously used vendors that have been setup. You can select from the list of vendors or type in the name of a new vendor. 
    • Quantity: Enter the amount of the Item you wish to order.  
    • Price: If available, add the price leaving off any denomination symbol. This is typically recorded as the price per unit as provided by the vendor. The order request form will automatically calculate the total cost. 
  4. Add additional information about the order (Optional fileds). 
    • PO #:  As you begin typing, the field will display purchase order numbers that have been used for other inventory items as a selection or you can add a new PO #. 
    • Grant #:  As you begin typing, the field will display grant numbers that have been used for other inventory items, but you can add any grant number. 
    • Date Required: To communicate the urgency of your request to your Lab Manager, enter the date the item is needed. Click in the field to open a date selector. Dates formats will be based on the language/region information from your browser. 
    • Notes: Include any pertinent information about a requested item in the notes field. 
    • Send Status Updates: Select the checkbox to receive email notifications when the status of your request changes.  Note that you will receive notifications in the Inventory application itself via the bell icon in the main menu (purple bar at the top of the screen). 
  5. Click “Request Item” to save. This will send a notice to any Lab Managers to review the Request. 

To learn more about checking an order status CLICK HERE. To learn more about approving or cancelling an order CLICK HERE.


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