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4.03.1 Rich Text Editor

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The Rich Text editor is a word processor that allows you to add text and edit text within your lab notebook.  


For more information on the Rich Text Entry Editor CLICK HERE. 


Button Function Usage
  Cut, Copy, and Paste The Cut, Copy and Paste tools allow you to copy and paste text from your clipboard. You can also use CTRL+C or CTRL+V.
NOTE: Avoid pasting HTML from other sources by pasting into the Paste dialog window or by using CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste as plain text.
  Undo and Redo Undo and Redo allow you to quickly cancel a recent change. You can also use CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y.
  View HTML Source This is used to view the HTML Source code for the entry. To return to the default view click “Source” again.
  Find and Replace Find and Replace allows you to quickly search the entry for a particular string of text.
  Select All Selects all text in the editing window. You can also use CTRL+A.
  Spell Check  LabArchives uses your browsers spell check. You can right click on a word to open your browser dictionary. 
These tools allow the user to bold text, italicize text, underline text, strikethrough text, and add sub or superscript. You can also use CTRL+B to bold, CTRL+I to italicize, CTRL+U to underline text.
  Remove Formatting To remove all text styling, select a text fragment and click the remove formatting tool. 
  Numbered Lists
Bulleted Lists
To end a bulleted list press, return twice. To customize the list, right click on the bullet or number and select “List Properties”
  Increase or Decrease Indent Most browsers do not allow users to use tab to indent a paragraph.
  Block Quote and Create Div Container Block Quotes can be used to add a large quotation in your lab notebook
Div containers are used to create more complex HTML and CSS styling for large sections of text.
  Left, Center, Right and Justified Alignment The alignment tools will position your text left, center, right and justified. 
  Link and Unlink Links be created to a URL, an anchor in the Rich text entry or to an E-mail. To create a link, highlight the text and click link or type CTRL+L. You can also create a link by typing CTRL+L.
  Create Anchor Anchors can be used to link text fragments in different parts of an entry.
  Insert a Mathematical Equation The Math tool allows you to display a single equation using the TeX language. To display multiple equations in one entry, Click Here
  Link to an Image stored in another location Using the Image Properties, you can adjust the size of the image, alignment, and border between text and image. For more information on Images in Rich text entries CLICK HERE.
  Create a Table Table properties allows you to select the size of the table, alignment of the table, and table formatting.
For more formatting options, right click inside of the table, and select cell, row, or column. 
  Insert Horizontal Line This will embed a horizontal line in the Rich Text Entry
  Insert Special Character Insert Special Character This can be used to add special characters like Greek or Latin characters to your Rich Text Entry. You can also use the alt code for the character. 
  Create an IFrame I Frames are used to provide a small window to view another website or URL. Once the entry is saved to the page, your URL will appear. 
  Embed an Image stored inside of the entry This should be used to upload an image stored directly inside of the entry. For more information on Images in Rich text entries CLICK HERE.
  Embed Media The Embed Media tool is used to embed video within a Rich Text Entry.  To learn more about embedding videos in a Rich Text Entry CLICK HERE
  Block Style and Paragraph Style The Block Styles and Paragraph Format drop-down lists contain pre-defined block-level styles that you can use. 
  Font and Font Size To change the font for a text fragment, open the Font or size menu. The font names and sizes are displayed in a font that they represent.
  Text Color and Background Color To change the font color or background color, select the text fragment, and the color. 
  Show Document Blocks Block Elements are groups of formatted text with a similar styling like paragraphs, headings, tables and lists.  Use this tool to view the block level elements in the entry.

 Some tools are designed to format large portions of the page like paragraphs, images, a list, or a div element.  To use these functions, you will need to break the block level element by using SHIFT+ENTER to create a line break.  

For more information on the Rich Text Entry Editor CLICK HERE.
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