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4.03.3 Embed an Image in a Rich Text Entry

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The Rich Text entry allows you to embed an image stored inside of the rich text entry or link to an image that is stored outside of the entry.  You can also add images as attachments to your notebook. For more information on Attachments, Click Here. 


NoteThe image must be less than 500 pixels in height, and less than 1 MB in Size. If the image is larger than these restrictions, it will be scaled down.  

Insert an Image that is Stored Directly in the Entry 

  1. Click on the  icon. 
  2. Choose the image file on your computer and click “open” to upload that file to your lab notebook. You can also drag and drop a file into the Rich Text Entry.  The selected image will be displayed in your rich text entry. To adjust the size of the image, right click on the image to open User Properties. 

Link to an Image that is Stored Outside of the Entry 

You can copy an image form an external source and paste that image inside of a rich text entry. 

Note:  To avoid broken links, consider saving the image as an attachment to your notebook or store the image inside of the entry by using the embed tool. If you find a broken link, right click and select “Inspect Element” and view the URL used for your image. If you can still access the image, consider uploading the image as an attachment or follow the steps above to embed the image within the rich text entry.

If an image is pasted into a rich text entry or added to the entry through an Image URL, the link to the image can be broken. If the image is stored on a secured web page (Google Drive, your email account, or any application that requires login information), other users may see a broken link when they view the page. 

  1. Obtain an Image URL. Typically, you can right-click on the image and select Copy image location. 
  2. Click on the  icon in the rich text entry. 
  3. In the Image Properties window, paste the Image URL into the URL field 
  4. When finished, click “OK” 

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