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4.04 Attachments

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LabArchives allows you to attach documents of any file type to a page in your notebook.  You can add attachments to your lab notebook by manually uploading to the page or through an application like Folder Monitor, the Microsoft Office Plugin, Graph Pad Prism, and more.  

How to Upload a file to LabArchives page

NOTE: The maximum file size of an attachment is 250MB. Large File Upload (see below) is only available for Enterprise License sites for an additional fee. For Free Edition users, the maximum file size is 25MB. Large File Upload (see below) is only available for Enterprise License sites for an additional fee.

There are two ways to upload a file: You can upload a file by dragging the file into the browser window and dropping the file into the designated box that appears at the top, or click the “Browse files” link, which will allow you to select a file from your computer.

1. On a page of your lab notebook, select “+New” then “Attachment” or click “Attachment” on the Add Entry toolbar if it is one of your most used entry types. 

2. Click “Browse Files” and select the files that you would like to upload. You can also drag and drop files into the window.  Up to 50 files can be uploaded at one time. 

3. Click “Save to Page” to upload a file. A thumbnail or icon will indicate the file type or its content.

Download, View and Edit files stored in your lab notebook

When you hover your mouse over an attachment you will see the following icons: 


To download any file stored in LabArchives, hover your mouse over an entry and click download. 


Some attachments can be viewed directly inside of your lab notebook (.txt, .pdf, Microsoft Office documents and Images).  


Images and office documents can be edited within LabArchives by clicking the pencil icon.  

Most image types (.gif, .png, jpg) can be annotated using the Image Annotator. For more information on the Image Annotator, Click here. 

Note: Images that are supported by the browser are also supported by LabArchives’ annotator. Although TIFF was one of the first image formats, most browsers do not support .tif files natively, which is why our annotator is not enabled for .tif images. Otherwise, almost all other image file types should work just fine.

Office documents saved as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx can be edited using the office document editor.  For more information on the Office Document Editor Click Here.

How to update a file 

If you make changes to a file and want to update that file in LabArchives, click the pencil icon on the entry toolbar to edit the entry, upload the new file, and click “Save to Page. This will maintain the revision history for this file. It can also be used to rename a file.  

Large File Upload 

The Large File Upload (LFU) feature is only available for Enterprise License sites (universities or other organizations) at an additional fee. With this premium feature, users can upload files that are up to 4GB in size or larger depending on LFU option selected by the enterprise. Users can use drag and drop or the Attachment entry tools to upload files larger than 250MB. Note that the larger the file, the longer it may take for the file to upload to the notebook page.

Large files will display a generic icon along with the file name. The file name will include “LA S3” at the end of the file extension to indicate that this is a (LFU) using LabArchives’ S3 storage. If your institution has integrated with the institution’s Box account or its own Amazon S3 storage, you will see a generic “Box” or “S3” icon and the file name will include “Box” or “S3” at the end to indicate where the file is stored, respectively.

Please note for large files stored on customers’ storage system (e.g., Box or institution’s S3):

LabArchives will have no liability of any kind as a result of the deletion, modification, destruction, damage, loss of or failure to store or encrypt any data which is stored on the Customers’ and/or Authorized Users’ local or third-party storage systems. 

Large files cannot be previewed, annotated, or edited, including large MS Office files.  The content of the large files (over 250MB) is not indexed for searching.  Because of this, we recommend using tags and the description field that is available for all files that have been uploaded to a notebook page.

If you are interested in implementing the Large File Upload feature with your site, click here to submit a request to LabArchives Support to see if your site has this capability. You can also contact your local LabArchives administrator to inquire about this feature.
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