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4.10 Mathematical Equation

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The Mathematical Equation entry allows you to input mathematical formulae into your LabArchives page. The Mathematical Equation Entry type uses the language TeX or MatML.

Click the +New button and select Mathematical equation.

After selecting this option from the “Add Entry” toolbar, you will see an option to select Tex or MathML. You can click the arrow next to each option for more information.


If you choose the Tex option, then you will see three panels of interest.

1. The Equation Preview Panel Use the equation input panel to type what you wish to be in your equation.

2. The Equation Builder Panel The equation builder panel provides a range of preformatted equation elements. Clicking on a particular element causes the correct code for that element to appear as a string of text in the equation input panel.

3. The Equation Input Field As you change the equation through the builder and input panels, the preview panel will automatically update. Be sure to watch this panel as you build your equation. If your code is incomplete or contains an error, you will know immediately by looking at this panel.

For more information on the TeX language, download your own copy of How to TeX.

If you choose the MathML option, you will see the Equation Preview, and the Equation Input field. The Equation Builder quick symbols are not available when using MathML.

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