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4.12 Inventory List

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The Inventory List entry allows you to search your LabArchives Inventory and document the items or reagents that were used to complete the work in your LabArchives notebook. The amount used is automatically deducted from Inventory to maintain accurate quantities and usage history in Inventory.


To add an Inventory List entry to a page, click the add new entry icon, or the Insert option, and then select Inventory List. A window will appear where you can see all your Inventory items. This will look similar to the Inventory screen, showing all the columns you see when searching directly in Inventory, such as Name, Quantity, etc.


To search through your Inventory, you can use the search bar for a simple search or click the upside-down triangle to see the advance search features. These search features are similar to the search features in LabArchives Inventory.


Tip: If you use the same reagents or items repeatedly for multiple experiments, create a saved search to quickly retrieve the list to add to the Inventory List entry.


To record usage of an item, click the Use Now button next to the item’s name.

Specify the quantity used then click Save. Check the ‘Record usage without deducting quantity’ box if you want to record usage of this item without deducting a quantity. For example, if you use a piece of equipment such as a beaker. This is an item that can be used multiple times and the quantity of the number of beakers in your lab do not change per usage.

After you click save, you’ll notice a check mark next to Use Now. This means usage of this item will be recorded in the entry.


You can record usage of multiple items in the same Inventory List entry. Find another item and click Use Now. All items you’ve selected to use will have a check mark.


Clicking on an item’s name will provide more information on the item. This is like the item details page in LabArchives Inventory.

The About tab will show all the Standard Fields that pertain to every Inventory Type.

The Details tab will provide information that pertains to this items specific Inventory type.

The Labels tab is where you can see and print this items QR code.

The Attachment tab is where you will find attachments that pertain to this item such as an MSDS document.

The History tab is where you can see all changes made to this item. When this item was added, viewed, and used.


Once you close out of the ‘Search LabArchives Inventory’ window, the items you selected to use will be listed in the entry. You will also see a field to provide a name for this Inventory List.


Note: If you edit or delete an Inventory List entry in your LabArchives notebook, this edit will not be reflected in your LabArchives Inventory. For example, an Inventory has 30 units of Bromine (information added in Inventory). A lab member adds an Inventory List entry and records using 5 units. This action changes the count in LabArchives Inventory to 25 units. If the lab member edits the Inventory List entry or deletes the entry (due to user error or did not end up using 5 units), the Inventory item will not automatically change back to 30 units. It will still be 25 units until it is manually edited in LabArchives Inventory.


If you would like to document an item that is not currently in your Inventory, you can manually add an item to the list. Click the ‘Manually add an inventory item to the list’ button. This will open a window where you can add the information for this item and add it to your Inventory List.

Once an item has been marked as used in an Inventory List entry, you will see a Link to that entry on the Item Details page in LabArchives Inventory. This link will be found under the About tab. If the Inventory user has access to this entry, clicking the link will direct them to the entry in LabArchives ELN.

To learn how to save an inventory search, CLICK HERE.

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