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5.01 Copy to Clipboard

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LabArchives Inventory allows you to keep track of inventory item details in your LabArchives Notebook with the Copy to Clipboard feature.  

Copy to Clipboard will copy item details and create a unique URL to your Inventory item. This information can be pasted into any text editor (such as the LabArchives Notebook Rich Text Entry) 

To access Copy to Clipboard, select an inventory item from the Inventory menu. From the item’s details view, click the “Copy to Clipboard” button at the top right-hand corner. 


Then paste these details in any text editor. All of the item’s required and type specific fields, along with a unique URL, will be copied. Inventory items are never deleted.  Therefore, you will be able to link back to the details on the inventory item, even if it is out of stock. 

Note: Your ability to edit a LabArchives Notebook is based on your privileges in a specific notebook. For more information about roles and privileges in a notebook, CLICK HERE.

Inventory List 

Another option to link LabArchives Notebook and Inventory, is to add an inventory list entry to your notebook. For more information about inventory lists, CLICK HERE. 

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