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5.01 What are Widgets?

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What are Widgets?

Widgets are customizable, interactive HTML forms or applications. Widgets can be tailored for your specific experiment and contain interactive text boxes, buttons, check boxes, tables, drop-down menus, and more. Each Widget can be added as an entry to a page and edited by users of the notebook.  

With LabArchives, you can use built-in widgets, manage inventory through a database or freezerbox widget, or create your own widget through The Widget Manager.  

To add a widget to the page, select “Widget” on the Add Entry Toolbar. 


LabArchives Built-In Widgets 

LabArchives includes over 20 different built in widgets. This includes several calculator widgets like the Acid and Base Molarity Calculator, DNA-RNA Calculator, Molarity Calculator, Radioactivity Calculator and more. For more information on some of the widgets built into LabArchives, please see seciton 5.02.

Manage inventory with a Database or Freezerbox widget  

Database and Freezerbox widgets can be used to easily manage inventory or visually display data directly in your lab notebook. Each cell in the freezerbox or row in the database represents a form that can be completely customized with specific fields, and functions. To learn more about creating your own freezerbox or database widget, Click Here.

Create your own Widget 
Widgets are easier to build than they look. While these forms are generated with HTML, you don’t actually need to know HTML in order to make them. To learn more about creating your own widget through the Widget Manager, CLICK HERE.

Floating Widgets 

Some widgets can be used as floating widgets. Floating Widgets are tools that can be used while working in other parts of the notebook. This can be useful if you would like to calculate a total in the Scientific Calculator widget while working in a rich text entry.  Floating widgets are not saved to the page because they have not been added as an entry in your notebook. To use a floating widget, select the triple bar menu at the top right, select “Widgets” and click “More.” 

NOTE: Most widgets are designed to work as entries saved to a page of your notebook. Some widgets may not function correctly as a floating widget. To use any widget, save the widget as an entry in your notebook.

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