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5.02.3 Google Docs Widget

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The Google Docs widget allows you to view and edit any Google Docs, Sheets or Slides document directly inside of your notebook.  

How do you use the Google Doc widget? 

  1. Select “Widget” on the Add Entry Toolbar and select the “Google Docs” Widget.
  1. In Google Drive, create a Share link for the document by Clicking the Share icon indicated below.
  2. Copy the Share link to your clipboard

    : Be sure to adjust the Share permissions as necessary for your Google Doc.
  3. Paste the share link into the Widget field

  4. Click “Save to Page”

Adding a Google Doc as an iFrame in a Rich Text Entry 

If you want to make the view area in the Google Docs larger, you can do this by adding the Google Doc in an iFrame within a Rich Text Entry. To do this, follow the below steps: 

  1. Add a new Rich Text Entry to the page 
  2. Click the plus three-dot button for more rich options 
  3. Click the insert iFrame button 
  4. Use the share link for the Google Doc as the iFrame source URL 
  5. Enter in the dimension you would like. Suggested starting point would be Width: 800 and Height: 600. 
  6. You can edit the size of the iFrame by double clicking on the iFrame and then clicking the pencil icon that pops up. 
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