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5.02.4 Freezer box and Database Widgets

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To display data directly inside of your lab notebook, you may want to create a Freezerbox or Database widget. To create a Database or Freezer box widget, use the Import CSV function on the Add Entry Toolbar or Create your own using  the Widget Manager.

Database Widget

A Database will display your data as rows with headings. Each row represents a form that can be created through a CSV document or in the Widget Manager. Like a spreadsheet, you can add new rows, delete rows, or create new rows. 

When you first put this widget on a page, you will see something like this: 

Each Row in the database corresponds to a form like this: 

Database Tools


View: Shows information of a selected row.
New: Use this to add another entry to your table
Edit: To edit an entry, select it with your cursor, and click “Edit”
Delete: To delete an entry, select it with your cursor, and click “Delete”
Copy to Clipboard: Copies all text in the table to your clipboard.
Export to File: Exports your data table to CSV, PDF, or an Excel file. 

Note: If the “Export to File” button is not available (blackened out) you may need to install Adobe Flash Player. Some browsers may require you to click “run on this page.” 

  • The Show/Hide Columns Button (upper right): Use this button when you want to eliminate specific rows from view. 
  • The Search bar (upper right): Use this to find a specific row by typing the text contained in that row 
  • The Entry Display Drop Down (upper left): Use this to control the number of rows shown per data table page 

Freezer Box Widget

Freezerbox widgets are perfect for visually organizing data in a grid style. There is a pre-built freezer box widget in LabArchives and can be selected from the widget menu. Each cell displays a summary of the data for that cell, and you can view all information by hovering your mouse over the cell. 


Each cell represents a form like this: 


Edit Cell   

You can edit a cell by clicking the edit cell icon or by clicking the contents of the cell. To save the cell click “Save.” 


Clear Cell    You can clear contents of a cell by clicking the clear cell icon. 
Copy Cell   

You can copy a cell by hovering your mouse over the entry and clicking the Copy cell icon. 


Paste Cell    Once a cell is copied, it can be pasted into any unoccupied cell by clicking the paste button.  
Move Cell    You can move a cell by drag and drop. 


The Freezerbox Tools 


Name:  This is a box to give your freezer box a name. This field is mandatory. 

Size: Use this drop down to customize the size of your freezerbox. You can choose one of the preset dimensions or select “Customize” and specify your own dimensions. 

Color: Use this drop down to change the color of the vertical and horizontal cell labels 

Location: If your freezer box is meant to represent an arrangement of items in a container or room, you can use this field to identify the location of these items (Tarantino Lab, Lab Freezer A, etc.). 

Description: Use this field to provide a short description of your freezerbox widget  

The Swap Column and Row Labels button moves the numeric labels to the columns and the Alphabetical labels to the rows. Click this button again to switch it back. 

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