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6.01 Create and Use QR Codes Labels

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Create and Use Labels and QR Codes 

LabArchives Inventory provides several options for creating and using QR codes to work with a printer of your choice or with the Dymo LabelWriter 450.  Each item in the inventory will have a label automatically created. These labels have a QR code that can be printed and later scanned using the camera built into LabArchives Inventory on a mobile device.  

To view a label for a specific inventory item, search or browse from the Inventory page and click on the name of the inventory item.  Select the “Labels” tab while viewing the item

Create your Own Labels using the download and copy options 

Follow these steps to download information about an item to use in your own printer or printing software. 

  1. You will see preformatted label information on the left-hand side of the labels tab, including item name, inventory type, vender, expiration date, and catalog number. If these fields are blank for the item, they will not be displayed.  
  2. To copy the details about this item, click “Copy Label Information” and this will be added to your clipboard. You can also use the “Copy” option at the top of the page to copy all information about an item including custom fields on the Details tab. 
  3. Paste this information into your printing software 
  4. On the right-hand side of the labels tab, you will see the QR code that was automatically created for that item. To download this image, click “Download QR Code Image”  
  5. The image will download as a .jpg file to your computer. The name of the file will be the item name.  
  6. If your label printing software supports images, you can add the QR code as an image on the label. 

Bulk Create your own Labels using Export Items  

Follow these steps to download a list of items and create QR codes using the label printer software installed on your computer.   

  1. On the Inventory tab, run a search for items for which you would like to create QR codes (and labels). 
  2. Click on the “Export Items” link above the search results. 
  3. Select either “Export current search results” or “Export all Inventory Items” 
  4. The exported spreadsheet will include all details about the item including the full URL for each item.  Note that the “Item URL” column follows the Location column on the spreadsheet. 
  5. If your label printing software supports import via Excel or CSV, you may be able to import several items at once. 
  6. In your label software program, using your preferred label format, look for an option to add a QR code to the label.  Depending on the program, select a format designated for URLs (e.g., web page).

                      Install the DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer 

                      If you have a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the frameworks below installed, you can print directly to the printer from the labels tab. The label will include the QR code, Item Name, Inventory Type, Vendor, and Catalog #. 

                      The label format is designed for a cryolabel, specifically DTCR 9138-6000 (Combo Label) (1.50 x 0.50, 0.375 dia spot).  An address label can be used, but it is not possible to change the format or fields displayed. 

                      1. Install DYMO printer drivers and supporting applications
                        Dymo Drivers: 
                      2. Install DYMO Framework
                        Dymo framework link
                      3. Start DYMO Connect, DYMO Label Web Service, and ensure the printer shows as Connected in DYMO Connect 
                      4. Press the Connect to Printer button to complete the action. 
                      5. Once you have successfully installed the printer, you will see the Printer information on the Label tab and the Print Label button. 

                              How to Read LabArchives Inventory QR Labels 

                              If you use the QR code generated by LabArchives, you can scan the QR code to open the item. To use this feature, the device must be using at least iOS 12.0 or Android 9.


                              1. Login to LabArchives Inventory on the browser of your mobile device.
                                Note:  If you are using the QR codes downloaded from the label tab, a QR Scanner app on a phone will not work.  
                              2. Tap on the camera icon near the search menu. If prompted, allow the application to access your camera.
                                Note: If the camera does not load or appears blank check device permissions and settings.
                              3. Center the screen over the QR code and hold the QR code steady.
                              4. The information on that corresponding inventory item will be displayed on the screen. 




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