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6.01 Create and Use QR Codes Labels

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Each item in the inventory will have a label automatically created. These labels have a QR code that can be printed and later scanned using the camera built into the Inventory program on a mobile device.  

To view a label for a specific inventory item, search or brown from the Inventory page and click on the name of the inventory item.  Select the “Labels” tab while viewing the item. 

Install the DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer 

Follow the instructions on the Labels tab to install the DYMO printer.   

  1. Install DYMO printer drivers and supporting applications 
    Dymo Drivers
  2. Install DYMO Framework 
  3. Start DYMO Connect, DYMO Lebel Web Service, and ensure the printer shows as Connected in DYMO Connect 
  4. Press the Connect to Printer button to complete the action. 
  5. Once you have successfully installed the printer, you will see the Printer information on the Label tab and the Print Label button. 

Note: The label format is designed for a cryolabel, specifically DTCR 9138-6000 (Combo Label) (1.50 x 0.50, 0.375 dia spot).  Although, it is possible to use an address label, it is not possible to change the format from this specific label. 

In addition to the QR Code, the label will include the following fields:  Name, Inventory Type, Vendor, and Catalog #. 

How to Read LabArchives Inventory QR Labels 

To read QR labels that have been printed out from LabArchives Inventory, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to LabArchives Inventory on the browser of your mobile device. 
    Note:  The QR Scanner app on your phone will not work.   
  2. Tap on the camera icon near the search menu. If prompted, allow the application to access your camera.  

  3. Center the screen over the QR code and hold the QR code steady. 
  4. The information on that corresponding inventory item will be displayed on the screen. 

Mobile OS Requirements to scan QR codes: 

iOS 12.0 or higher 

Android 9 or higher 




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