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6.03 Sharing a Notebook, Folder, Page, or Single Entry

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All content in your notebook can be shared with others. You can share with anyone else who has an email address and/or internet connection, whether or not they already have a LabArchives account.  

As an Owner or Administrator, you can access the share feature in 3 different ways. LabArchives allows you to share 

  • An entire notebook 
  • A Folder 
  • A Page 
  • An Entry 

Sharing a Notebook, Folder, or Page 

 Under the Notebook Navigator, you can “right click” on the notebook, folder or page name. That will open up a menu that looks like this, and click on “Share”: 


Sharing a Page 

On any page in a notebook, click “Share” on the Page Tools, located on the right-hand side and this will allow you to share the whole page. 

Sharing an Entry 

If you only want to share a specific entry, you can access the share function by hovering over the entry to view the entry toolbar and select the share icon. 


Regardless if you are sharing a Notebook, folder, page or an entry, the Share dialog box will pop up on the screen giving you a variety of options 



 Note the tabs at the top: 

  • The “Invite People” tab allows you to share notebook content via an email invite. On this tab, you can input the email address or addresses of those you want to share with, add your own subject, and create your own message for the share email.  You can type in the entire user’s full email address or select from a suggested list by clicking . Choose if you want them “To edit” or “To view” below the box for the email address. 



  • The tab “Groups or People with Access”, shows you all the people with whom you have shared the selected content and what their rights are (can view or can edit). You may also change the rights of anyone you’ve shared content with in this tab. Within this tab, you also have the option to make your selected shared content publicly accessible by anyone (use this in conjunction with the URL to Share tab). Simply check the box within this tab. 


Using mentions to share an entry 
To mention a specific user, type the “@” symbol or click underneath “write a comment”. LabArchives will automatically generate a list of users with access to this entry. If you have sharing rights, you can also share an entry by adding a user’s full email address. The user will receive an email indicating “A user in LabArchives has shared an entry with you”. If a user does not have the appropriate sharing rights, the mentioned user will not receive an email and they will not be added to the notebook. For more information about mentions, click here. 


When you have shared a notebook, folder, page or an entry, a different icon is shown to indicate which Folders and Pages are shared: 

Unshared Folder:   

Shared Folder:       

Unshared Page:     

Shared Page:         


If you want to learn more ways to share,  click here. If you would like to learn about the Roles that a person can have, check out our Users’ Roles and Privileges. 

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