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7.01 FAQs

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Can I import into LabArchives Inventory? 

  • Yes – we provide an import template to upload your inventory information.  It is organized by Inventory Type which can be customized in the Lab Management section of LabArchives Inventory. 

Can I export from LabArchives Inventory? 

  • Yes – inventory items and orders can be searched and filtered as well as exported for reporting and ordering purposes. 

Can I customize information for my lab? 

  • Yes – we have two highly customization points:  
  • Inventory Types:  We provide 9 default types to categorize inventory items, but you can modify to match the types used in your lab.  You can customize the details fields for the defaults, delete the ones that aren’t relevant (with the exception of the General), and create your own new types.  
  • Storage:  You can create a multi-level representation of your storage locations so that you can view items from multiple perspectives.   

Can I have more than 1 person with the Lab Manager role? 

  • Yes – There is no limit on the number of people who can have the Lab Manager role.  Typically the person responsible for the inventory management and PIs will have the Lab Manager role, but others can also be assigned the Lab Manager role. 

Can I place orders with vendors directly from Inventory? 

  • LabArchives Inventory allows for approval and organization of order requests. These requests can then be exported as a “shopping list” to enter into your institution’s ordering system.  

Can I scan QR labels with the QR app on my phone? 

  • The Inventory program has been designed to be mobile friendly.  From your mobile device’s browser, you can scan QR codes you’ve generated from the program. Simply select the camera icon near the search window on the Inventory menu to scan. 

What label printer and label format is supported? 

  • Currently, we support DYMO LabelWriter and have formatted the layout for cryo-label (DTCR 9138-6000) which includes a circular QR code and separate label.  We plan on expanding supported printers and allowing for custom formatting in the future. 

Will I have to maintain an account separate from my LabArchives Notebook account? 

  • No – You will be able to use the same account you use for LabArchives Notebook and will be able to switch between both of them. 

Is there an API for Inventory that we can use? 

  • Not at this time, but we have that on the Inventory Product RoadMap.  We look forward to receiving your feature requestssuch as this, to inform our future functionality. 

How do I purchase LabArchives Inventory for my lab? 

  • You must own the lab’s inventory account to purchase on behalf of the lab.  How do you know if you are the owner?  Click on your name at the top of the screen and look for “Manage Subscription”.  Follow the on-screen options based on your organization, number of users, and number of years for your subscription.   
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