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7.02.1 Microsoft Office Plugin for Windows

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The LabArchives Microsoft Office Plugin allows Windows users to integrate LabArchives with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Once installed, you can select “Log in to LabArchives”, “Save to LabArchives” or “Open from LabArchives” all within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Quick Links 

       Download and Install the Plugin

       Log into LabArchives

       Save a file to LabArchives

       Open a file from LabArchives

       Detach a file from LabArchives


Download and Install the Plugin 

  1. Download the program by clicking the triple dot icon, select “Downloads”, and click “Microsoft Office Plugin.” 


2. Run the Plugin Installer file
Select a destination for LabArchives Office Plugin and click “Next”.
Confirm the Installation by clicking “Next”. You may need to enter your administrator account information.
The installation may take several minutes. When finished, click “Next”
When the installation is complete click “Close” 


Log into LabArchives

In Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, click “Log in to LabArchives on the file menu, and enter your login credentials on the “Authentication” window. Select “Remember Me” to save your login credentials.  

If you are an Australian or UK User, and would like to log into your account, you can do so by following the steps below. 

1. Select the “LA Server” tab
Click onto the drop-down menu
Select if you are an Australian User or if you are a UK User 

For more information on logging in as an Australian user, Click Here and as a UK user, Click Here.

If you log in using your institutional credentials, see the Single Sign On Instructions.

Note: If your account is connected to a single sign-on system you may need to generate a password token to use applications like Folder Monitor, GraphPad Prism, or Vernier Logger Pro. Fore more information about using password tokens, please Click Here.

Sava file to LabArchives

  1. To save a new document to LabArchives click, “Save as to LabArchives” 
  2. The “Save Files” window works like the Notebook Navigator. On the drop-down list, select your notebook and expand folders to view a page. 
  3. After selecting a page, name your document and click “Save”  

When you select “Save” within Microsoft Office you will see the message below. Clicking yes will upload the document to LabArchives. 

Open a file from LabArchives 

  1. To open a file stored in your notebook click “Open from LabArchives.” 
  2. The “Open Files” window works like the Notebook Navigator. On the drop-down list, select your notebook and expand folders of your notebook to view a page. 
  3. After selecting a page, you will see any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents stored on that page. 
  4. To open a document, select the file and click “Open.” 


If you open a file that is stored locally and there is a more recent version saved to LabArchives, you will see a message like the one below. 

Note: There is a 250 character limit for the location file path. 

Detach from LabArchives 

Documents opened from LabArchives that are also saved on your local drive have a connection to LabArchives. If you do not want the changes to be saved back to LabArchives, click “Detach from LabArchives”.

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