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8.01.2 Activity Feed

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The Activity Feed shows every activity that has occurred in your LabArchives accountIt is a great tool for keeping up to date on what’s happening in your notebooks and the notebooks to which you have access. This feed can also be filtered to view only activities of interest. 

An activity is anything that is done in your account, whether that is a login, a share, a view, deletion, and so on. The Activity Feed is the list of all of these activities. An overview of the Activity Feed appears below:


You can get to the Activity feed by clicking on the Notifications Icon or by selecting Activity Feed from the Triple Bar icon menu, as pictured below:


Notice how the Notifications icon shows a red numbered badge. This indicates the number of Notifications you have. While the Activity Feed shows all activities, only some activities actually produce a notification, such as creating a new entry or mentioning someone in a comment.

Other activities, like logging in or exporting offline content, do not have notifications associated with them. If an Activity is in the Notifications category, you can mark an activity as Read by clicking the yellow check box in the upper right corner of the activity. You can also mark all activities currently in your feed as Read by clicking the “Mark All as Read” button in the upper right of the Activity Feed. See below for further elaboration.  


Once you are in the Activity feed, individual Activities will appear in the center of the screen. Each activity shows the name of the person who did the activity, a preview of the related content (where applicable), and a time stamp for when the activity occurred.  

The Activity Feed allows you to organize activities into Categories. There are four categories of Activities: 

  • Account – Activities that have occurred within any notebook your account owns or has access to in LabArchives. This is the largest, most comprehensive activity category.  
  • Notebook – Activities that have occurred within a specific notebook. With this category selected, a drop-down menu labeled Choose a notebook will appear, allowing you to specify the notebook whose activities you want to see. 
  • Notifications  Activities that produce a notification. This category ignores all activities which do not produce a notification, such as a login or a view of some entry. With this category selected, a drop-down menu labeled View Notifications for will appear that will allow you to specify notifications from a specific notebook. By default, you will see the notifications of all notebooks. Additionally, you can uncheck the checkbox labeled Show unread only (checked by default) to view activities that have already been marked as Read. 
  • User  Activities committed by a specific person in your LabArchives account. With this category selected, a drop-down menu labeled Choose a user will appear, allowing you to specify which person’s activities you want to see. This drop-down menu will show all persons who are non-Guests (Users, Administrators, and Owners) in any notebooks you own or have access to. 


After selecting your Category, you can further customize the activities displayed in your feed using Filters. There are 11 different types of filters, and you can apply one or more of these in any combination you like. A screenshot of all available filters appears below. For a definition of each available filter type, please see the bottom of this article.  


Once you have your category and filters selected, click Apply to refresh the feed with your new specifications.  


Notice that, after your filters are applied, the top of the activity feed shows the total number of activities in the range that you have defined, as well as the time stamp for the latest activity in this feed.  

Also notice that each of your selected filters is shown as a “chip” at the top of the feed. An example of this appears below. 



You can remove individual filters and make quick adjustments to your feed by clicking the X on the right side of each filter’s chip.  

The definitions for each filter type appears below: 

  1. Comments – This filter shows comments made on specific entries. 
  2. Deletions – This filter shows the deletion of entries, pages, or folders. 
  3. Logins – This filter shows logins to LabArchives. This filter is not available when the Notifications category is selected. 
  4. Notebook Modifications – This filter shows all entry creations, entry edits, and entry deletions. It also shows creations, deletions, and renaming for all pages and folders. 
  5. Reports – This filter shows all notebook exports (both Notebook to PDF and Create Offline Notebook). This filter is not available when the Notifications category is selected. 
  6. Shares – This filter shows when shared content is viewed by some person. It also shows when content has been made anonymously accessible (or publicly accessible), and when a DOI for some content has been generated. If a DOI has been requested but not yet generated, this activity is shown under the DOI Permission Requests filter. This filter is not available when the Notifications category is selected. 
  7. Assignments – This filter shows all assignment entry creations and edits to pre-existing assignment entries. This filter is only available for Classroom Edition Users. 
  8. Course Announcements – This filter shows every instance of an announcement being sent from the Course Manager to students in some LabArchives course. This filter is only available for Classroom Edition Users. 
    1. Page Signing & Witnessing – This filter shows every instance of a page being signed, witnessed, or pending witness.
    2. Page Pending Witness Review – This filter shows every instance of a page which has an initial signature with a selected Witness who has not yet submitted the second signature.  
  9. DOI Permission Requests – This filter shows every time a DOI request is made. If a DOI has been completely generated, the activity for this is shown under the Shares filter.


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