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8.01.3 Notebook Settings

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Notebook Settings offers the Owner and Administrator of a Notebook an array of options that allows them to manage Guests, Users, and Groups usage and view rights. 

To access Notebook Settings, click on the triple bar menu at the top right-hand corner and select “Notebook Settings.” 


Notebook Settings has three components: Notebook Settings, User Management, and Group Management.  

Notebook Settings 
In the Notebook Comment Privileges section, you can manage commenting privileges for guests and anyone who has access to an entry in the Notebook. To learn more about comments, Click Here.  

Under the Entry Options, the Notebook Owner can pick their preference on whether new entries will be added to the top of the page or to the bottom of the page. For more information adding data to your Notebook, Click Here. In addition, the Owner can turn on markdown for plain text entries. To learn more about Plain Text Entries, Click Here 

Note: The following option is available for the new Rich Text Editor. The editor not available for all users. 

The Notebook Owner or Administrator can set defaults for rich text entries. They can set a default Font Family, Font size, and Line height. The selected Font Family, Font size, and Line height will be reflected in every new rich text entry. If you have existing notebooks, your selected defaults go into effect for brand new entries. Note: In a new notebook, these settings are set to Arial, size 16, 1.5 line height by default.  

In the Page Signing section, the Notebook Owner can turn off page signing, turn on page signing, or turn on page signing with witness for the entire Notebook. For more information on page witnessing, Click Here. 


User Management 

Under the User Management segment, the Notebook Owner or Administrator can add Users and manage their usage rights for the entire Notebook. The Owner can also give specific Users the right to sign and witness a page. For more information on User Management, Click Here

Group Management 

In Group Management, the Notebook Owner or Administrator can create Groups with custom permissions. By putting Users into Groups, it allows managing access privileges for a large group rather than on an individual basis. To learn more about Group Management, Click Here. 

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