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8.02.4 Search by Folder and Page

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When searching for content in LabArchives, you are able to narrow your search to a specific Folder or page in a Notebook. This enables you to quickly find content when you’re already sure of the general area in your notebook where the content is located.

To use this feature simply right-click (or Mac commands) on any page or folder icon where they appear on the left side of the screen (The Notebook Directory). When you do this, you will see the menu below:


Clicking the “Search From Here” option will then open the Advanced Search Window. In this case, the Advanced Search Menu has it’s “Search” target field already filled out; this is the page or folder you have just selected. See the screenshot below for a visual example of this.

Once the Advanced Search Window is opened, you can search the given content by whatever query you like. Many different fields are available in the Advanced Search menu to help you further refine your search.


To learn more about the Advanced Search tool, see this article.

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