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8.03.1 Sign a Page

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LabArchives allows you to sign a page in your notebook, indicating the final version of the page. Once a Page has been signed, it is “frozen”; no additional data can be added, nor can any be edited.

The Notebook Owner can allow Administrators, Users, and Guests to sign pages in the notebook. A user needs edit rights to sign a page. The owner can grant or change signing rights in User Management.

How to Turn on Signing

The Notebook Owner can sign pages in the notebook by default.  The Notebook Owner can turn off signing in the entire notebook in the Notebook Settings. To do this, select the triple bar menu on the top right, click “Notebook Settings” and choose “No Page Signing”. For more information on Notebook Settings Click Here.  The Notebook Owner can turn on Witnessing from Notebook Settings. For more information on witnessing Click Here.

To enable signing for another user, the Owner or Administrator in the notebook must go to the User Management tab of the Notebook Settings page. There you will see a column labeled “Can Sign.” See below.

Make sure you have the checkbox under the “Can Sign” column checked for each person in the notebook you want to have the ability to sign. These boxes can also be unchecked at any time to remove the option to sign.


How to Sign a Page

When a user with signing rights views a Page, the Tools menu will include a selection for Sign page.


Clicking on this link will produce a verification prompt requiring confirmation by the user.


When a page is signed, LabArchives performs a sophisticated test known as a “Hash Algorithm” which produces an internal verification code for that page.  Each time that page is viewed, LabArchives compares the Hash code to ensure that no changes have been made since the signing.  At the top of the page, you will see an indication that the page has been signed, by whom, and on what date and time.

Note: A signed page cannot be reversed, nor can it be edited any further.

Comments can be added to entries on a signed page since they are not considered to be part of the data.  In addition, the revision history for entries and the entire page can still be viewed. Those with sharing rights can share or print the page.  The page can be deleted but it can still be recovered from the Deleted Items folder.

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