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8.05 Institution Logo in LabArchives (Site Admin Feature)

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You can now upload your own institution logo to replace the LabArchives logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen by using the “self-service” feature in the Site Admin tool.


Recommendations for the logo image file.

  • Maximum dimensions: 70px x 300px
  • Transparent .png file (.jpg and .gif files can be used, but will not have optimal quality for all devices and browsers). Please note that .tif files are not supported.
  • The logo color should provide adequate contrast from the background color: #f8f8f8
  • Maximum file size: 100KB


Uploading the Logo.

1. Start by uploading the Logo that you would like to use into LabArchives as a new Attachment entry.

2. Once the logo is uploaded, hover your mouse over the entry and select the share icon.

3. The following window will open. Click on the “URL to Share” tab and then click on the link in the window entitled “Embed this attachment/entry.”

4. Open your Site Admin page and click on the Second Tab “Settings”

5. At the bottom of the page, you will see the “Share URL to Site logo” option.

6. Paste the link from step 3 into the box

7. Below the box, there is a “Show Preview” button.
8. If the result is satisfactory, click the checkbox for “Display institution logo for all users in LabArchives” and then click “Save Changes”.

9. The logo will now be visible for all users connected to your site.