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9.01.2 How to Create a Course

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As an instructor, the Course Manager will be your number one tool for pushing out class content to your students, monitoring student activity, grading student submissions, and organizing your students into separate sections and courses.   

How to Access the Course Manager 

The course manager can be opened by clicking the triple bar menu on the top right, select utilities, and click “Course Manager.”  Once you have created a course, you can use the Course Manager shortcut icon  which will appear in the top right of the screen.  

A new tab will open and you will be brought to the LabArchives Welcome Page. Click on “Create Your New Course Now” to get started. 

Note: Anytime you would like to save your progress of creating your course, Click on any option at the top right corner. 

  1. Setup the Course Information
    • You will need to give your new course a title.
    • The course description is an optional field for your internal use only.  
    • Select the notebook on which to you want base your students’ notebook. We refer to this as your Instructor Notebook. (For more information about how to set up your course notebook, click here)  
    • In the Course Information area there are 5 additional choices, you are free to turn any of these items on or off anytime in the duration of your course:  
      • Allow students to share their notebook with other students. This is turned on by default. This is great for collaboration if students are working in groups and you want them to be able to work in each others’ notebooks. 
      • Allow students to sign pages in their notebook. This is turned off by default. This option freezes the page and will not allow anyone, including the instructor to edit the page any further.  Most instructors prefer to use the assignment page locking option listed below instead of this. 
      • Allow teaching assistants to add or delete sections. This is turned off by default. The instructor can permit teaching assistants to add or delete sections of a course.
      • Restrict teaching assistant access to their section(s) only. This is turned on by default. This option limits each teaching assistant to access student information and grades for only their section. If this option is turned on and sections are used, be sure to assign students and teaching assistants to the correct section.
      • Lock assignment page when the assignment is submitted.This is turned on by default. When students submit an assignment, the page will be locked and they will no longer be able to edit any entries on the page until the page is graded or unlocked by the instructor or teaching assistant.
      • Show comments automatically for students and teaching assistants. This is turned on by default. When an instructor or teaching assistant comments on a student’s notebook, the comment will be shown automatically when the student returns back to the page. 
      • Important Note: We recommend having one assignment entry per page. If you have the locking feature turned on for your course and create more than one assignment entry on the page, students will not be able to submit the other assignment(s) on the same page.  

2. Create Sections 
To add sections to your course, type in a section name, a description (optional), and then click “Add.” After you create one section, you have the ability to add additional sections, edit current section names and description, and delete sections.  

2. Add Teaching Assistants

You can manually add TAs or co-instructors to the course. To add a Teaching Assistant manually, fill in the emails (separated by commas, enters, semi-colons, etc.) in the field, and click “add”. The “Test” button checks if it’s a valid email and if the user already exists in the course. The Teaching Assistants will receive an email with an activation link.

You can assign your TA to a specific section of the course and you can always add additional TAs, change their assigned section, or remove them.

3. Add Students to your Course 

  1. Sign-up URLs:
    The Sign-Up URLs tab, provides links (HTML code or URL) that your students can use to join your course. Simply disperse these links among your students by email or post to your Learning Management System (Canvas/Moodle/Blackboard).

    Note that if you create multiple sections in your course, there will be a separate URL for each section, and an additional URL for students who will not be assigned a section.

  2. Manually adding Students:

    You can also add students individually by email. The students will receive an email inviting them to the course and an activation link to create their LabArchives Account. 

    On the Students tab, fill in the appropriate email addresses (separated by commas, enters, semi-colons, etc.) for each student, and click “add”.   After you have added students, you can add additional students, change their section, and remove them from the course. 

    After you have added the Students’ you have two options. You can either “Add” students or “Test” if they can be added.
    The “Test” button checks if it’s a valid email and checks if the user already exists in the course. 

 Once you are done adding information to your course, click on the “Save Course and Exit” button. 

Create or Access Other Courses 

If you would like to create another course, you can click on “+Add New Course” at the top right-hand corner. To access another course, click on the name of the current course and a drop-down menu will appear with other courses.