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9.01.3 How to Create Assignments

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Assignments are used to grade your students’ submitted answers. Access this feature by choosing Assignment in the Add Entry toolbar. If you do not find it here, it is also located under the More drop-down list located on the far right of the Add Entry toolbar.

This will open the window found below.

It is best to think of Assignment entries as bookmarks in your notebook, as there will be a new column heading for each Assignment. They will correspond with your Grade Report which is automatically generated in your Course Manager.


The Assignment Entry Editor is comprised of the following fields:

  • Assignment # – This field requires a unique value. This number correlates to the column location in the Grade Report.
  • Name – This will be the title of the assignment in the Grade Report.
  • Description – Here you can provide more information about the assignment if you like.
  • Total Points – This field allows you the option to include the total point value of the assignment.
  • Group Assignment – Check this box if you would like your students to collaborate in groups on this assignment.

Click  when you are finished.

Important Note: We advise adding one assignment entry per page. If page locking is enabled, the page will lock after a student submits an answer to an assignment. If there are more than one assignment per page, students will be unable to submit answers to those assignments.


Students Submitting an Assignment

Click   to submit an individual assignment.

Click  when submitting a group assignment. 

If a student is submitting their assignment with group members, they can indicate their group member(s) and select where the work is located among the group.

    • I worked in a group with – A list of all the students in that section will appear after clicking the drop-down menu, allowing them to select their group member(s).
    • The work for this assignment is in – The students submitting the assignment must indicate where their work is: In their own notebook or in one of their group member’s.

    Note: The two group fields are self-selected. It is possible for students in the same group to select different group members as well as different notebooks.

    Each student in a group will need to submit the same assignment in their Course Notebook with both fields completed.

    Note: If locking is enabled for your course, the page will be locked after a student clicks Submit. They will no longer be able to edit that page unless the instructor or TA(s) unlock the page.

    Students can click  if they want to save their group information before submitting their assignment.

    Click here for more information on grading assignments.

    Click here for our Student Guide on submitting assignments and viewing their grades.

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