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9.01.4 How Students Work in their LabArchives Notebook

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How to Access your Course Notebook 

Your instructor will share a LabArchives Notebook with you. Your instructor may post a Sign-UP URL or you may receive an invite email from LabArchives. Either way, you will follow that link to create your LabArchives Account and claim your course notebook. 

NOTE: Your instructor may link your course to Canvas or Moodle. For more information on accessing your notebook through Canvas, Click Here Moodle, Click Here
or Blackbooard, Click Here. 

Once you create your LabArchives account, you will receive your own copy of the Instructor Course Notebook. Your instructor and approved teaching staff can edit everything in your notebook.  They can also push out new course content throughout the semester.  

Work in Your Notebook 

Your instructor designed your course notebook and they may have included folders, pages or entries to guide your work. You can view the contents of your notebook in the Notebook Navigator on the left side of the page. For more information on the Notebook Structure, Click Here.


Data in LabArchives is stored in entries. You can add new entries like attachments, rich text entries, and headings using the Add Entry Toolbar at the top of the page. For more information on the entry types available, Click Here. 


You can also edit existing entries by hovering your mouse over an existing entry and clicking the pencil icon. To learn more about editing entries Click HereKeep in mind, every edit you make is recorded in the revisions history. You and your instructor can see every change made to a page, folder or entry.  

Share and Collaborate  

Your instructor may allow you to share your notebook with other students. To share a page or folder with another student, right click on the page name in the Notebook Navigator and select “Share.” On the Share dialog, invite the other student to your notebook. To learn more about sharing your notebook, Click Here. 

You can easily communicate with other students or your head instructor by adding a comment to an entry. To add a comment click the comment icon when you hover your mouse over the entry. You can also mention a specific user by using @mentions. For more information, Click Here. 

Submit Assignments 

Your instructor may use Assignment entries to grade your work. These entries allow you to submit your page for grading and your instructor can grade your assignment using the assignment entry. 

When you are ready to submit the assignment, click on the  button.  

To submit an individual assignment, click the button.  

Note: If the locking feature turned on for your course, the page will be locked as seen below. You will no longer be able to edit the page any further until the instructor or TA(s) unlocks the page.  

If you are submitting an assignment with group members, indicate your group member(s) and select where the work is located among the group.  

  • I worked in a group with – Once you click on the field, a list of all the students in that section will appear 
  • The work for this assignment is in – The students submitting the assignment can indicate where their work for the assignment is located.

    Note: The two group fields are self-select fields. It is possible for students in the same group to select different group members as well as different notebooks.  

Each student in the group will need to submit the same assignment in their own course notebook with the two fields filled out.  

Note: If the locking feature is turned on for your course, once you click Submit, the page will be locked as seen below. You will no longer be able to edit the page any further until the instructor or TA(s) unlocks the page.  

If you want to save the group information before submitting the assignment, you can click on the  button.  

How to View Grades 

You can view your grades at any time while you are enrolled in the course. The View Grades option can be found within the “Utilities” menu: