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9.01.8 Turnitin Integration

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Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software which compares student submissions against a database of written works. Turnitin will produce a “Similarity Score” for your students’ submissions, giving insight into the degree of possible plagiarism present in your students’ assignment answers. 

Your institution must have an enterprise subscription to Turnitin to access our LabArchives integration features. It must be enabled by your Administrator. Please contact us at for additional assistance with setting up your Turnitin integration. 

After integration is complete, you will need to enable it in your course. To do so, go to Course Information tab of the Course Manager. Check the checkbox indicated in the below screenshot and click Save Changes. 

After a student completes an assignment, they will see a message that their assignment will also be submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin will then generate a PDF of the student’s assignment page and will send the PDF to Turnitin for a submission of a similarity score.  

You will see a Similarity Scores shortly after each student submits their work. It will be displayed on the assignment entry as shown below from the assignment navigator.  

Turnitin Similarity Scores are only accessible to the Instructor and Teaching Assistant(s). Students will not have access to this information. 

To see an aggregate view of all your Students’ Similarity Scores, go to the Course Manager Grades tab, where each score is displayed. This can be seen in the screenshot below.  

Clicking on any similarity score will allow you to view a Similarity Report in detail. The text of student’s submission is broken down into separately highlighted sections. You will see attributions to possible outside sources on the right. An example of this appears below.

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