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9.02.3 How to Link your Assignment in Canvas

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How to link LabArchives Assignments in Canvas 

Before you link your LabArchives assignment to Canvas, be sure you have at least one assignment entry in your LabArchives Instructor course notebook. To learn more about this, click here. 

When you add a new assignment in Canvas, fill out all the information that you need.  Scroll to “Submission Type”. Click on the drop-down menu and select “External Tool”. 


Click on the Find” button and a small pop-up window will appear.  


Click on “LabArchives“.  (The name of the external tool is created by your Canvas Administrator so may vary from what we list here.) This will open up a list of all the assignment entries you have in your course. Check to be sure the correct course is selected before linking assignments. Choose the LabArchives Assignment you want to link. (Tip: Your LabArchives Assignment name should have the same Canvas Assignment name). 


Note: If you do not see the assignments listed, double check the email address used for your Canvas and LabArchives account. 

You also have the option to have LabArchives open up in a new tab by checking the box for “Load This Tool In A New Tab”. Once you are done, click on the select button.  Then save your assignment in Canvas. 

Note: If the instructor creates a Canvas assignment with a deadline, and grades the assignment after the assignment’s deadline, the grade gradebook will show that assignment was submitted late.