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9.03.1 How to Set Up your Course Notebook

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Creating your Instructor Course Notebook

Your Instructor Notebook can be organized into a system of folders, pages, and entries to guide your students’ work. Some instructors may create a highly structured notebook with text, images, videos, and other course content. Other instructors may create a sparse notebook with blank pages or entries and instruct their students directly on how to complete their work. 

Click here to learn how to create a new Notebook. 

Click here to learn about creating folders and pages in your Notebook. 


Your Instructor Notebook can comprise many different entry types. The most popular are:  

  • Rich Text Entries can, among other things, provide information to your students in the form of instructions and questions. Click here to learn more about Rich Text Entries. 
  • Attachments allow you to upload images and other files related to your course. Your students can then access and download them from their course notebooks. Click here for more information on Attachments.  
  • Headings are mainly found at the top of a page, or at the start of a new subject or topic. 

 This is only a fraction of the entry options available to be added to your Course Notebook. Click here to learn more about them. 

Assignment Entries 

You can use an Assignment entry type to pose questions and instructions to your students. After a student submits an answer to an assignment, you can grade their responses.   

To access this feature, click Assignment in the Add Entry toolbar. If you are unable to find it there, it can also be found under the More drop-down on the far right of the Add Entry toolbar.


The Assignment Entry Editor includes the following fields: 

  • Assignment # – This field requires a unique value. This number correlates to the column location in the Grade Report. 
  • Name – Here you can give your assignment a name.  Ensure that your assignment’s name corresponds with its counterpart in Moodle.
  • DescriptionHere you can provide more information about the assignment if you like.
  • Total PointsThis field allows you the option to include the total point value of the assignment. We advise to leave this part blank or input a 100 point value if linking your course to Moodle. This field is for your internal use only and will not be displayed in students’ notebooks.

Click  when you are finished.

Important Note: We advise adding one assignment entry per page. If locking is enabled on your course and you have more than one assignment per page, your students will be unable to submit answers to other assignments on that page.

Instructor Course Notebook Tips: 

  • When naming your Instructor Course Notebook, we recommend including the word “Instructor” in the title. This will make it easier to find this notebook from other notebooks in your account.  
  • You do not need to create your entire Instructor course notebook before your course begins. With LabArchives, you can update your notebook for your students in a timely matter. We recommend changing or editing your notebook ahead of your students’ progress in your course. 
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