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9.04.1 How to Set Up your Course Notebook

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How to Create your Instructor Course Notebook 

Your Instructor notebook can be organized with a system of folders, pages, and entries to guide your students work. Some instructors will create a highly structured notebook with text, images, videos and other course content directly on the page of the notebook. Other instructors will create a notebook with blank pages or entries and instruct the students to complete work in the designated pages or entries. 

To learn how to create a new notebook please click here

To learn how to create folders and pages in the notebook click here.

Your Instructor notebook can contain all different types of entries. Some of the most popular entry types used in a course notebook are: 

  • Rich Text Entry – This can be used to provide information for your students on the material that they are learning, give directions, or filling out questions. To learn more about rich text entry, click here. 
  • Attachments – This entry type will allow you to upload images and files related to your course such as handouts and reading material. Your students will be able to access these files from their course notebook. To learn more about attachments, click here
  • Heading – This entry type helps you organize the page contents. 
  • Other Entries – There are many types of other entry options that you use to give the best experience for your course. Feel free to learn more about there here.

Using the Assignment entry 

The Assignment feature is used to grade an assignment submitted by the student. You must have at least one assignment entry in your notebook to connect to your LabArchives Course to Blackboard 

You can access this feature by choosing “Assignment” in the “Add Entry” toolbar. If you do not find it here, then it will be located under the “More” drop-down list located on the far right of the “Add Entry” toolbar. 

The Assignment entry includes the following fields: 

  • Assignment # – This field requires a unique value. This number correlates to the column location in the Grade Report. 
  • Name – Enter the name for the assignment. This will be the title of the assignment in the Grade Report.  (Tip: Be sure to name assignments in the notebook the same as their corresponding assignment in Blackboard.) 
  • Description – This field is optional if you would like to provide more information for your students. 
  • Total Points – This field gives you the option to include the point value of the assignment. (Note: If you are linking your LabArchives course to Blackboard, it is best to leave this part blank or put a value of 100. This is for your internal use only and will not be displayed in the students’ notebooks). 
  • Group Assignment – Check this field if you would like your students to collaborate on this assignment.

When you are done, click the ‘save to page’ button. 

Important Note: We recommend having one assignment entry per page. If you have the locking feature turned on for your course and create more than one assignment entry on the page, students will not be able to submit the other assignment(s) on the same page. 

Tips on Creating your Instructor Course Notebook 

  • When you name your Instructor course notebook, we recommend putting the word “Instructor” in the title. This will allow you to easily distinguish your Instructor course notebook from other notebooks in your account. 
  • You do not need to create your entire Instructor course notebook, before your course start. In LabArchives, you are able to update items for your students in a timely matter. We suggest you work ahead of your students. 
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