LabArchives Support for Large Files

LabArchives is dedicated to supporting researchers’ workflows and research data management best practices. This includes providing a variety of options when it comes to handling larger files that are often generated in the research process.

Large File Upload (LFU) options allow institutions to choose which solution works best for their management needs and data policies. Regardless of the option selected, all files–including smaller files stored on LabArchives ELN servers–are scanned during the upload process, monitored, and checked in our nightly integrity check of all attached files. In addition, researchers can simply upload large files to their notebooks rather than having to store files elsewhere and remember to link back to the notebook.

File Size Limit Total LFU Storage Limit Security Scanning, Monitoring, and Integrity Checks
LabArchives Basic File Upload 250MB (Unlimited total storage) N/A
LabArchives LFU – S3 4GB 4GB 5TB*
LabArchives LFU – S3 16GB 16GB 5TB*
Integration with Institution S3 16GB Set by Institution
Integration with Institution Box 15GB Set by Institution
Integration with Institution OneDrive 16GB Set by Institution

*Additional LFU storage available. Existing customers are unlimited. New licenses will have a threshold.

If you are interested in selecting a Large File Upload option for your enterprise or to increase the overall LFU storage, contact your regional sales manager or our enterprise team for more information.