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We chose LabArchives to meet the growing number of requests that we had received for a lab notebook software. It met all of our requirements, including security and usability requirements, at a reasonable price. ~ Barbara Friedman, Director, Academic Technologies, Cornell University
In our hands LabArchives becomes more useful the longer we use it, as we build our libraries of protocols and SOPs, our databases of plasmids, glycerol stocks and inventories of chemicals, safety protocols and MSDS sheets. ~ Richard van Rijn PhD, Dep. Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University
EVERYTHING my students need for the lab is in the LabArchives notebook. The flexibility is amazing and I have complete control of the content. The TAs love that they can grade and comment quickly in LabArchives, giving students instant feedback without any paper handling. ~ Dr. Michelle Driessen, Director of General Chemistry, University of Minnesota