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The Classroom Edition is for Instructors & TA’s, Lab Coordinators, Students & Individual Users.

This edition is focused on increasing student completion rate for lab courses.

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Replace Paper Notebooks. Go Digital with an ELN

LabArchives® is a leading cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) application currently used by tens of thousands of students and professors throughout the world to manage, engage, monitor, and evaluate your students' lab work, all at a lower cost than a paper lab notebook. Professors universally say that LabArchives improves student success rates through enhanced communication and intuitive technology, all while eliminating the need for a paper notebook.


Our Electronic Lab Notebooks work on multiple platforms and devices.(both iOS and Android platforms)

Data Compliant

LabArchives supports funding agencies data management plans requirements.

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Approved Service Provider for Internet2 higher education member universities.

Replace the Paper Notebook and Lab Manuals to better monitor, engage and evaluate your students lab work

Students can easily upload images and videos directly to their notebook while conducting lab experiments

Manage and distribute all lab info, lab practices, lab processes, and external learning resources

Real-time 24/7 collaboration, sharing and feedback between professors, TA's, and students

Easily access stored experimental data imported from lab output captured from original lab machines

Update course material, review assignments, student activity, and provide grades all in one place

Store all file types - Images, PDFs , MS-Office, etc. – manually collect data, observations, calculations, etc.

Student can download a portfolio of their lab work to use in graduate school or job applications


Both iOS and Android Apps: View, Edit and Add LabArchives Entries directly into your ELN

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Personalized 30-minute sessions are geared towards Professors, Instructors, Teachers, Students, & Technology Innovation Staff at higher education institutes.

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EVERYTHING my students need for the lab is in the LabArchives notebook. The flexibility is amazing and I have complete control of the content. The TAs love that they can grade and comment quickly in LabArchives, giving students instant feedback without any paper handling. ~ Dr. Michelle Driessen, Director of General Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Just thought I'd let you know that even our 3rd year (senior course) students are voting with their feet for LabArchives. Even though this is their last semester (traditionally not a time when new things are well received or tolerated), 90% of them have chosen to complete their lab records and write ups in LabArchives rather than the tool that they had previously been used. ~ Dr. Gareth Denyer, University of Sydney
Our experience identified these benefits of going digital: continual progress monitoring, protocols can be updated at anytime, help prepare graduates with a real-world research tool, etc. Based on my experience, the feedback of demonstrators and students, I recommended that LabArchives be used as the norm in the place of paper-based laboratory notebooks in all undergraduate practical classes. ~ Dr. Henry Greathead, Lecturer, School of Biology, University of Leeds

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