LabArchives® Downloads

Your LabArchives subscription includes two desktop utilities that can greatly enhance the functionality of your Electronic Lab Notebook:


When installed, the Plug-in for MS-Office 2007, 2010/2013 and OS X-Office 2011, 2016 will add new choices to the File Menu in the Office suite of products. You will be able to:

  • - Open Office files (including searching) from your LabArchives Notebooks
  • - Save new Office files to your LabArchives Notebooks
  • - Modify existing files from your LabArchives Notebooks, including maintaining all versions in your Notebook.

Download MS Office PluginPlug-in for Office 2007*
(687 Kb)
Requirements: XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download MS Office PluginPlug-in for Office 2010/2013/2016
(687 Kb)
Requirements: XP/Vista/7/8/10

Download FolderMonitorPlugin for Mac Office 2011/2016
(524 Kb)
Requirements: Office 2011 OS X10.9
2016 OS X10.10

For additional details, visit the LabArchives KnowledgeBase for Windows or Mac.

*Microsoft no longer supports MS Office 2007 as of October 10, 2017. Therefore, LabArchives will no longer be offering updates to 2007 Plugin. Customers who are using Office 2007 products and services should move to Office 365 or upgrade to supported versions of Office products and services, such as Office 2016.


Folder Monitor is a desktop utility for Windows and Mac that automatically transfers files from your PC into LabArchives.

Download FolderMonitorFolderMonitor V2 for Windows
(2.2 MB)
Requirements: 7/8/10

Download FolderMonitorFolderMonitor V2 for Mac
(13.1 MB)
Requirements: OS X10.9 or higher

New updated version V 2.0.3 for both Windows and Mac (UPLOADED 1/11/2018)

For additional details, visit the LabArchives KnowledgeBase for Windows or Mac.


Both iOS and Android Apps: View, Edit and Add LabArchives Entries directly into your ELN