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Easily organize, search and share your scientific data in a powerful electronic lab notebook that will help you deliver higher-quality research, faster.
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The Electronic Lab Notebook for Modern Scientists

Experience better data management, connectivity and collaboration with the cloud-based lab notebook trusted by the world’s leading scientific research organizations

Record and Access Your Work Anywhere

Centralize all your research activity on one secure and accessible platform that makes it easy to record, organize, analyze, and share experiments and data wherever you are.

Designed for Scientists

Customize templates, draw chemical sketches, annotate images, and browse DNA files in a notebook built to meet scientists needs.

Optimize Research Data Management

Maintain context for all data with tools to connect notes, inventory, and experimental data with custom identifiers and metadata. Break down knowledge silos with integrations to popular software including SnapGene and GraphPad Prism.

Share Data and Gain Real-Time Feedback

Easily share protocols, files, and data with your team and external collaborators. Track activity, communicate in real time, and work simultaneously on notebook pages to quickly gain feedback and insights.

Best-in-Class Security

Be confident that your research data is always secure, backed up, and accessible only to authorized personnel with industry-leading data encryption and security features. LabArchives meets compliance standards including SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Designed for Team and Organizations of Any Size

LabArchives provides the tools needed to support your research, your researchers and your data whether you are a small lab or a global organization

Drive Innovation at Scale

LabArchives is a secure and compliant enterprise solution designed to support modern data management needs. With dedicated enterprise support services to provide expert advice and guidance, your organization can enjoy the benefits of modern research tools with minimal investment.

Products to Enable Better Science

LabArchives has products to support research data management, inventory tracking, resource scheduling and course management

Notebook for Modern Science

Our Research ELN was built to enhance productivity, streamline data management, and simplify collaboration.
Customer Impact

LabArchives brings people and knowledge together

“The digital revolution has provided unprecedented tools that allow scientists to share data and knowledge in real-time. Electronic lab notebooks, like LabArchives, provide an excellent example of this evolution because they allow you to work cross-functionally across multiple platforms and devices, making it easier for research teams to collaborate and manage data.”
Dr. Giovanni Piedimonte
Vice President for Research, Tulane University

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