If you’re reading this blog, you are probably familiar with LabArchives and our leading Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).  But we view LabArchives as more than just an ELN.  Our mission is to make it the “hub” of your scientific research through strategic partnerships and integration with leading scientific software and information providers.   Our mission is to allow you to “live” within LabArchives while in the lab, placing all the tools and information that you need at your fingertips (no pun intended).

Each day we move closer to achieving this goal.  We have integrated with leading software providers such as GraphPad Software and FlowJo, and continue to add powerful, yet easy-to-use features that expand the role of LabArchives in the lab.  At the same time, we must overcome objections and concerns of the scientific community that might prevent them from adopting our solution as an electronic lab notebook.  One such objection has been the potential long term cost of storage.  Since LabArchives serves as a permanent repository of all of your research, the amount of data is continuously growing.  And while the cost of storage continues to fall, it will never reach zero.

We recognize that the decision to move to LabArchives is not taken lightly:  It is meant to be a long term partnership with a strong commitment by both parties.  Thus, we reached an important decision to expand the amount of storage provided in a LabArchives subscription by more than an order of magnitude.

As you may know, the original launch of LabArchives in 2010 offered 5 GB of storage per user, which could be shared by all members of the lab.  Thus, a 5 person lab could share 25 GB of storage.  For many this was more than adequate, even for the long term.   For example, one of our customers has been actively using LabArchives for nearly 18 months, and still have only 50 MB of data.  Others, however, have been pushing these limits, and we know there are many who have chosen to remain with paper notebooks due to this concern.

So…we are pleased to announce that effective immediately, all users of the Professional Edition of LabArchives receive 100 GB of storage per user!  So a 10 person lab will actually receive 1 TB included in their subscription.  If you look under Subscription –> Account Information, you will see these new limits have been implemented.

As good partners, LabArchives is prepared to sacrifice immediate profits in order to provide a better, more acceptable service to our customers.  We believe this new policy will make LabArchives far more accessible to the vast majority of scientists throughout the world as it continues to emerge as the worlds leading electronic lab notebook.  Please spread the word to your colleagues!