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LabArchives ELN for Education is purpose-built for teaching lab courses using LabArchives ELN with course management tools, a comprehensive content library, and integrations to your existing LMS systems.

A More Authentic Lab Experience

Teach your students on the most widely-used ELN at the world’s top academic and biomedical research institutions

Real-World Tools for Tomorrow’s Researchers

Give students hands-on experience with LabArchives ELN and introduce modern workflows that promote scientific best practice, while learning employable, real-world skills.

Proven Benefits on STE Education

LabArchives ELN for Education has proven results in thousands of STE lab courses. Engage your students and improve learning outcomes, remotely or in-person, across multiple scientific disciplines from chemistry to physics to biomedical engineering.

Streamlined, Cost-Efficient Learning

Cut costs for students by consolidating lab manuals, course materials, and assignments into a single, easy-to-use hub.

Better Course Management

Enhance your existing LMS by integrating with ELN for Education, designed to optimize course management and improve STE instruction

Assignments and Grading

Use your own LMS or the built-in course manager to easily create assignments, grade student work and supervise TA feedback.

Hundreds of Curated Experiment Templates

Save time and enrich your course with our comprehensive Lab Builder library, featuring lab activities, protocols, course-packs, and eTextbooks from OpenStax and others at no extra charge. 

Seamless LMS Integration

Integrate LabArchives ELN for Education with your existing LMS tools such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and TurnItIn.

FERPA Compliant

Keep a secure and permanent record of past coursework and assignments that both instructors and students can access.

ELN for Education Features

ELN for Education includes all LabArchives ELN functionality as well as dedicated educational tools for STE lab courses


  • Versatile, easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable for any lab course setting
  • Powerful tools for research documentation and data management
  • Integrations with popular scientific software including SnapGene and GraphPad Prism
  • Easy data sharing and publishing
  • Mobile and tablet browser compatible


  • Consolidate all course materials and resources into one platform
  • Build and manage courses with course manager
  • Create assignments for students
  • Provide feedback and assign grades
  • Real-time visibility into student notebook activities
  • Integrates with LMS tools including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and TurnItIn


  • Record notes, create tables, add hyperlinks, edit html, and embed media
  • Create and edit Microsoft Office docs within LabArchives ELN
  • Store any file type as an attachment
  • Create custom forms, calculators, and tools or utilize dozens of premade scientific widgets
  • Image annotation, chemical sketching, equations, PubMed reference list, and more


  • Instructor, TA, and student roles and permissions
  • Comments and tagging with email notifications
  • Work on notebook pages simultaneously
  • Monitor and track user activities

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