Research Integrity and Security

Safeguard your intellectual property and maintain regulatory compliance with confidence

Maximize the Integrity of Your Research Data

Standardize workflows on one secure platform to ensure reproducibility and traceability of all experiments and data

Complete and Accurate Research Documentation

See the full story of your research in one place and enhance the reproducibility of your data. LabArchives provides a secure platform to document your notes, methodologies, and findings while enabling transparent collaboration across teams.

Track Every Revision

View the complete revision history for any ELN entry, including attachments. LabArchives ELN maintains comprehensive logs and file backups to ensure research integrity and protection from misconduct investigations.

Monitor Compliance

LabArchives for Government are the same great LabArchives products but are customized to meet additional NIST 800-53 requirements, approved by federal government agencies, and placed within an authorized environment. Our cloud hosted, secure solution is an excellent option for those needing to move from locally hosted solutions to meet specific federal security requirements.

Customize Access and Permissions

Set ownership and permissions to ensure data access for only authorized personnel

Control User Permissions

Assign user roles and customize permissions to align with your team or organizational structure. Control data ownership and access to safeguard your data.

Custom Features for Enterprise Needs

Enhanced security and controls available for Enterprise accounts including IP whitelisting, SSO, institution-wide management controls, reporting, publishing approvals, and more.

Industry-Leading Security

LabArchives understands data security and availability is critical and protects your data at all times

Safe and Secure

LabArchives offers the highest level of data security in the industry. Comprehensive audit trails, access controls, data encryption, and other features protect your intellectual property at all times.

High Availability and Backup

Critical server statistics and accessibility details are monitored continuously from multiple locations worldwide. LabArchives has detailed Incident Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policies and procedures in place to ensure all operations run smoothly.

Compliance Standards

LabArchives is fully compliant with SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements.

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Security and Compliance

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"The most important reward of this process is that Duke researchers now have an institutionally supported resource which is flexible and secures their documentation in a searchable and versioned format."
ASIST Team, Duke Office of Scientific Integrity
Duke University

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