Optimal Resource and Equipment Management

LabArchives Scheduler is easy-to-use calendar and scheduling software for the management and scheduling of laboratory equipment and resources

Get More Value from Your Resources

See at a glance what is being used, when and by whom and keep your lab running at peak efficiency

Effortless Scheduling with Real-time Visibility

LabArchives Scheduler makes it easy to check availability and receive real-time updates on all resources in your lab. Schedule lab time, meeting rooms, and reserve lab equipment with a simple click and drag.

Powerful Customization, Adaptable for Any Organization

Make LabArchives Scheduler a perfect fit for your organization. Create custom scheduling rules and quotas, monitor resources with custom fields, set user access permissions, and more.

Usage Tracking and Reporting

Generate detailed usage reports to track bookings and resource use, assess the value of resources based on utilization, and recoup costs from equipment maintenance.

LabArchives Scheduler Features

Dynamic Scheduling

  • Powerful customization options
  • Flexible layout configurations
  • Click and drag booking
  • Automatically free up time from no-shows
  • Recurring reservations with start and end reminders
  • Wait list signup if a resource is unavailable

Capacity Limits and Custom Parameters

  • Set capacity limits for a maximum number of participants per reservation
  • Set maximum hours or number of reservations per day, week, month or year
  • Set buffer time to allow for set up/tear down time between reservations
  • Set min/max and lead time limits to constrain reservation durations

Resource Tracking and Value Assessment

  • On-location real-time availability display
  • Generate detailed usage reports
  • Track usage by user or group
  • Analyze resource utilization for value/ROI assessment
  • Uncover maintenance expenses

Access Control and User Management

  • Multiple roles and permissions
  • Organize users and limit access by groups
  • User and group quotas
  • Limit and control access through a secure invitation process
  • Customizable authentication options including SSO
  • Optional review and approve reservation requests

Integration and Compatibility

  • Integration with calendar systems including Outlook and Google Calendars
  • Payment integration to allow for usage charges
  • Embed schedules directly on your website
  • Multilingual with almost 40 languages and locales supported
  • Mobile optimized scheduling to make managing your reservations simple from anywhere

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