SnapGene x LabArchives

Seamlessly integrate in-silico planning with wet-lab work by linking LabArchives with SnapGene or SnapGene Viewer

Integrated Molecular Biology Software

Plan your cloning experiments in SnapGene and document the whole experimental process in LabArchives

Save DNA Files Directly to Your Notebook

Save vectors, primers and cloning constructs directly from SnapGene into your LabArchives notebook.

Preview SnapGene Sequences

Insert and view SnapGene sequences and maps as a summary image in your notebook. Add SnapGene files to protocols, compare directly to results, and collaborate with colleagues.

View SnapGene Files in Docs Viewer

Open SnapGene files in LabArchives Docs Viewer for detailed information, including the SnapGene Map, Sequence, Enzymes, Features, and Primers View.

Open Files and Record Version History

Access sequences saved in your LabArchives Notebook directly from SnapGene. Save any changes made in SnapGene back to your notebook with revision history automatically recorded.

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Integration Setup

Learn how to set up the SnapGene integration, and open and save files

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