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LabArchives ELN for Research is a digital notebook and workspace for better data management, connectivity, and collaboration

Seamlessly Organize Your Research with a Cloud-Based Lab Notebook

Record research, manage data, and collaborate on ultra-secure software that can be accessed from anywhere

All Your Research in One Place

LabArchives ELN makes it easy to record, organize, analyze, and share experiments and data wherever you are. Improve availability of your data with all your workflows, methods, and findings on one secure and accessible software platform.

Easily Record Notes and Experimental Data

Document your research with an intuitive interface designed for scientists. Create custom page templates and JavaScript tools or utilize dozens of premade widgets including chemical sketching, calculators, and more.

Integrate with Your Favorite Software

Integrate lab equipment, productivity software, cloud storage and your favorite scientific tools including SnapGene, GraphPad Prism and PubMed.

Automate File Uploads

Easily upload data and documentation of any file type. Sync local folders to your ELN with LabArchives Folder Monitor, with automated upload rules to save time and stay organized.

Experience a New Level of Data Connectivity

Say goodbye to data silos and disjointed workflows with LabArchives ELN

Keep All Your Notes Organized and Connected

Easily connect your data, notes, and protocols to relevant experiments, samples, and projects. Customize your data connections by adding custom tags and links to other notebook entries.

Quickly Find Information with Powerful Search

Quickly find your past experiments and notes without sifting through countless documents. Search multiple notebooks at once and scan text within attached files and metadata.

Connect to Inventory

Connect your notebook with LabArchives Inventory and easily trace the origin, usage, and experimental data associated with any sample or inventory item.

Enable Seamless Collaboration

Keep your team connected and up-to-date with a secure workspace accessible from any device, anywhere

Simplify Data Sharing

Easily share select entries, pages, folders, or entire notebooks with your team or external collaborators. Create a DOI, publish your notebook contents and annotate with your own metadata.

Standardize Protocols and Workflows

Standardize protocols and workflows with custom templates and pre-populated forms. Share across your team to ensure consistency and reproducibility.

Real-time Collaboration

Track research activity, view team member contributions, share comments, and work simultaneously on notebook pages.

Protect Your Research Data

Super valuable data deserves super secure software

Automatically Track All Changes

LabArchives’ built-in features allow you to effortlessly maintain an audit trail of every action and revision within the ELN, including who made the changes, when they were made, and what was changed.

Prevent Data Loss

Your research data is protected by the industry-leading standard for data security. Automatic backups and version control ensure you always have a complete and permanent record of your research.

Meet Compliance Requirements

LabArchives ELN is continuously updated to help you stay ahead of institutional and regulatory requirements, enabling you to focus on your research.

LabArchives ELN Features


  • Versatile, easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile and tablet browser compatible
  • Record notes, create tables, add hyperlinks, edit html, and embed media
  • Create and edit Microsoft Office docs within ELN
  • Store any file type as an at
  • Create custom forms, calculators, and tools or utilize dozens of premade scientific widgets
  • Integrations with popular scientific software including SnapGene and GraphPad Prism
  • Image annotation
  • Chemical sketching
  • Equations
  • PubMed reference list


  • Real-time alerts of all research activities via Activity Feed
  • Work on notebook pages simultaneously
  • Comments and tag users on any entry
  • Signing and witnessing workflows
  • Hierarchical user roles & permissions
  • Invite collaborators to notebooks, folders, pages, or entries
  • Monitoring and reporting tools for notebook activities
  • Easy sharing and publishing
  • Standardize research processes across teams

Data Management

  • Consolidate research documentation and data
  • Create library of custom tags for use across notebook users
  • Add links to other notebook pages or entries, local file paths, or external websites
  • Annotate files and published entries with custom metadata
  • Automate file uploads from local folders via LabArchives Folder Monitor
  • Sync entries with LabArchives Inventory to connect item usage with research data


  • Industry leading data security and encryption
  • Consistent data availability with automatic backups
  • Secure notebook ownership transfer
  • Complete revision history with immutable time stamps
  • Meets compliance standards for SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements

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