Data Management and Access

Manage and track all research data, access, collaborations and publishing activity

Ensure Every Datapoint Has Context

Maximize data comprehension and elevate research data management best practices

Centralize Your Research Documentation

Unify notes, methodologies, and data from your existing workflows into one secure, collaborative platform.

LabArchives ELN’s user-friendly interface and software integrations provide a digital canvas for holistic research documentation.

Superior Organization and Searchability

Organize folder structures for teams, projects, and shared resources with intuitive navigation and access controls.

Use advanced search functions to find unique identifiers within file attachments and refine results by user, entry type, and more.

Richer Context and Metadata

Add additional layers of context and data connectivity with custom tags, direct links, and annotations on data attachments or publications.

Data Sharing and Attribution

View all project updates and manage sharing and collaboration with both internal and external resources

Track Team Member Contributions

Eliminate knowledge silos with real-time visibility of research activities within shared notebooks.

Easily share findings and collaborate on ELN entries, with each contribution and revision tracked for all team members.

Easily Share and Publish

Easily share or publish select entries, pages, folders, or entire notebooks.

Create a DOI and publish your notebook contents to meet funding agency requirements.

Data Governance

Customize your settings and permissions to your organizational structure

Data Ownership

Retain full control over your research data and intellectual property, even when team members move on.

LabArchives ELN simplifies the offboarding process by offering seamless notebook transfer capabilities.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign access and editing rights with custom user roles and permissions that align with your lab or organization’s needs.

Digital Signing and Witnessing

Add additional layers of QC and oversight with the Signing and Witnessing feature.

Once a page has been signed no further edits can be made and no additional data can be added.

Security and Compliance

Industry leading data security and tools to monitor and maintain compliance across your entire organization

Data Security

Industry leading data security and encryption including consistent data availability with automatic backups.

Meets compliance standards for SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements.

Admin Tools and Reports

Use admin-level dashboards and reporting tools to easily monitor research activity and compliance across your entire organization.

LabArchives API

Pair LabArchives API with external software to connect your existing databases and HR tools, enhancing data and personnel management capabilities.

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