Do Things Right From the Start

LabArchives is the perfect partner for your early stage startup. Manage and protect your company's valuable data the right way from the beginning.

LabArchives Startup Packages

Set up your company for success with our custom packages for startups

Do Things Right from the Start

Act like a large, established organization now with all the benefits typically only available to large organizations in an affordable and scalable package.

Packages include LabArchives ELN and Inventory, all support and implementation, enterprise features, and multi-year pricing which scales as your company grows.

Enhance Research Processes and Best Practices

Accelerate innovation with an ultra-secure platform and establish a digital foundation for transparency, reproducibility, and accountability.

Take Control of Your Research Data

Record and organize your research data on a centralized platform designed for modern data management.

The cloud-based ELN makes it easy for teams of all sizes to capture and access data, standardize and modernize workflows, and align with regulatory and institutional requirements.

Secure and Reproducible

Our platform ensures that your research is accurately documented, secure, and reproducible

Protect Your IP

LabArchives provides a secure platform that enables your team to safely store, access, and share data.

Comprehensive audit trails, access controls, data encryption, and other features protect your intellectual property at all times.

Join the Ranks of Top Research Institutions

Take part in a global community committed to excellence in scientific discovery

Globally Recognized by Leading Research Teams

LabArchives has been partnering with and supporting startup ventures for years to enhance research processes, uphold excellence, and streamline collaboration.

Explore why LabArchives is the preferred ELN trusted by the world's most prestigious research organizations.

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"With LabArchives our LabCentral team provides the ultimate, collaborative launchpad for companies doing cutting edge research with potentially huge implications for life sciences."
Gordon Carlson, Lab Operations Manager

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