Lab Inventory and Sample Management

LabArchives Inventory streamlines the organization, usage, tracking, and ordering of inventory items

Inventory Software for the Modern Lab

Highly customizable and convenient software for finding, linking and using inventory

Connect Your Inventory to Your Experiments

Improve the reproducibility of your experiments by connecting your inventory to LabArchives ELN. Link protocols and experimental data with samples, lots, and other inventory items.

Detailed Information on Each Inventory Item

Record and view important details for each inventory entry including location, description, vendor, grant code, safety sheets, expiration date, current amounts and history.

Find Items You Need, Faster

Save time and stay organized with an intuitive interface where you can search, sort, and filter by custom fields, locations, keywords, and more.

Freezer Box and Aliquot Management

Access a freezerbox view to document, find, and use samples and aliquots with speed and precision.

Real-Time Inventory Monitoring

Keep track of quantities and usage in real time. Automated notifications alert items running out or nearing expiration.

Simplify Lab Management

Lower the administrative burden with custom tools for organizing, ordering and managing inventory

Comprehensive Inventory Reporting

Manage your resources with precision by generating reports tracking highly used categories and materials, expiration dates, low stock, order request updates, and freezer box capacity.

Track and Manage Order Requests

Keep well-stocked with a comprehensive order management system to approve order requests, track request statuses, and document item receipt.

Bulk Uploads and Updates

Save time with a bulk upload feature that allows you to easily convert existing spreadsheets into Inventory entries or update details for multiple items at once.

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing

Print labels using your preferred software. Barcodes can be scanned for quick and easy access to item details, attachments, and linked ELN entries.

Manage User Roles and Permissions

Assign user roles and permissions to ensure consistency and compliance with policies. Use the default roles of lab manager and lab member, or create custom roles that align with your team or organization.

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