Teaching a lab course = training the next batch of scientists. It’s a big job.

It takes careful planning and plenty of trial and error to design even one lab course experiment that teaches, tests and prepares students all at the same time.

Teaching a lab course is no small task.

That’s why we created Lab Builder, a course content library filled with proven content developed to help instructors achieve just that. Learn more about it here.

Lab Builder is anything but a static resource. We’re constantly adding more proven, ready-to-go course content that can be used in a range of lab courses.

Most recently, we added Vernier experiments to Lab Builder. Vernier technology is designed specifically for education and their experiment library is no different.

Vernier’s ready-to-use experiments are designed to help instructors achieve teaching and learning objectives and cover topics like physiology, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and environmental science.

Vernier experiments in Lab Builder include details, introductions, pre lab assignments, procedures and post lab assignments – the complete package.

Even better still, all of these experiments are fully adaptable to different lab setups, equipment and objectives. The course packs, assignments and projects found within Lab Builder are too.

Vernier experiments in Lab Builder prepare students for professional research by incorporating the best data analysis software, digital lab notebook, equipment and curriculum. Get going today!