A few more powerful tools…

LabArchives downloads designed and built by us with your work flows, habits and goals in mind. 

    LabArchives Mobile App

    Use our mobile app to access, edit and add to your work anytime, anywhere. Add photos, videos, audio and more to LabArchives right from your phone or tablet.

    Microsoft Office Plug-In

    If you prefer to work within Microsoft desktop apps simply sync them with LabArchives.

    • Open Office files (even search within them) from LabArchives.
    • Save new Office files to LabArchives.
    • Modify existing files from LabArchives, maintain all versions.

    For additional details, visit the LabArchives KnowledgeBase for Windows or Mac.

    *Microsoft no longer supports MS Office 2007 as of October 10, 2017. Therefore, LabArchives will no longer be offering updates to Office Plugins. Customers who are using Office 2007 products and services should move to Office 365 or upgrade to supported versions of Office products and services, such as Office 2016.

    LabArchives Folder Monitor

    Upload data from lab equipment directly to LabArchives. Forget digital clutter and duplicated files.

    • Automatically upload files to LabArchives.
    • Set upload rules to ensure everything ends up in the right place.
    • Reduce time spent transferring files between equipment and computer.


    New updated version V 2.0.6 for both Windows and Mac (UPLOADED 2019.05.16)
    For additional details, visit the LabArchives KnowledgeBase for Windows or Mac.