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Select from hundreds of labs and protocols and ready-to-go course-packs.
You can use them “as is” or customize them for your course.

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Plug & Play. It is super easy and takes only minutes to get started!

Use your existing course content or use ours  — we have hundreds of labs ready for your use — It is as easy as drag and drop.  Add course details: name, description, start date.  And when you are ready to invite students, use the link the platform provides.  LabArchives integrates with: Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, MS Office, Google Docs, SnapGene, Vernier, and iChemLabs.  It gives you more time to do what you do best – teach!

Instructors create a course, then invite students via LabArchives.

  • 1  Build Your Course Content
  • 2  Add Course Details  
  • 3  Distribute to Students

Now including Lab Builder!

Included in LabArchives Classroom ELN is Lab Builder: A curated collection of 500+ lab activities, protocols, course-packs, and OpenStax text books for you to use in your course. All of this content is organized by discipline and sub-discipline. Every item has standard structure and presentation including: teaching points, time to complete, author details, copyright details, recommended additional resources such as videos, presentations, notes and more. 

You can use all, or any part of, the labs, protocols, text books, and course-packs in your course. It takes only a few minutes to customize to your lab. You have the right to modify, edit, and use all of the content in the platform. Your students will only see what you want them to see. Update the course at any time, 24/7/365. 

Lab Course Samples

Download the lab example by clicking on the lab image.

Sensory Systems Lab

Selective and Differential Media Lab

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Protocol

Metric System Lab

Langmuir Probes Lab

Gram Stain – Protocol

Transformation of
E Coli Lab

The Wittig
Reaction Lab

Biological Molecules Lab

Course setup and delivery is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can have your course up and running.

Professors, Teaching Assistants and Students have different rights, all assigned by the Professor. Student work can be locked and submitted. There are reports for Professors and Teaching Assistants showing student use.

And, everybody can collaborate and communicate, real-time in the platform with the comments and mentions function. If you choose to assign group work, LabArchives ELN for Education supports individual and/or group work!

Some of the course management capabilities at your disposal.

LabArchives ELN for Education is built to be used with your lab manual, other course contents, or LabArchives course content.

Institutional level reporting, integrations, Service Level Agreements, contracted Terms of Use, and many other features are available for Departments or Institution wide with an Enterprise license. LabArchives supports the collection and remittance of from the sale of lab manuals.

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Thousands of the world’s best educational institutions already use LabArchives. From chemistry 101 courses with hundreds of students to small upper level classes, instructors, students and TAs use LabArchives because it’s so convenient.

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$48 MM

As an instuctor, you are a publisher.

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Ditch the outdated way of print publishing your course manuals, which takes an enormous amount of time and money. Publish all your course content with the only self-publishing platform designed for science education and instruction!

The Proof is on the Process

Publishing your lab manual in LabArchives is faster, easier and better than using traditional, old-school publishers.

Traditional Publishing Process

Traditional publishing is expensive, and time consuming. LabArchives makes it simple.

LabArchives Publishing Process

Traditional publishing is expensive, and time consuming. LabArchives makes it simple.

Partners & Integrations

To become a LabArchives integration partner, drop us a line below.


Partners & Integrations

To become a LabArchives integration partner, drop us a line below.



You have questions, and we have answers. Check our full list of Education FAQs here.


What is a LabArchives Notebook?

LabArchives is the worlds leading ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) with 400,000 scientists and more than 80,000 students using the LabArchives Platform this year

What is LabArchives Classroom Edition?

LabArchives Classroom Edition IS the Professional Edition, but it includes a suite of course management tools that make it easy to use in higher ed lab courses (grading, assignment creator, integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, lab manual publishing, etc).

What is Lab Builder?

Lab Builder is our curated library of lab course content that you can use to create your course.  Instructors have access to this notebook by default. All of the content in Lab Builder is there for you to use, customize and distribute to your students through LabArchives.

What types of course materials are available in Lab Builder?

Materials are divided into labs, protocols, and course packs. Labs include background materials, procedures and assignments. Protocols are simple procedures. Course Packs are curated collections of materials for semester-long lab courses.  These curated sets of materials include labs, protocols, assignments, and instructor resources.

Quick Start Guides

Select your Education Quick Start Guide to learn how to get started.

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Warning, students may actually begin paying attention

“…we found, a statistically significant improvement in all three main categories we were interested in communication, documentation, and presentation…”

Dr. Tanya Nocera, Assistant Professor of Practice, The Ohio State University

 1(citation: Okon, M. D., & Nocera, T. M. (2017, June), Electronic Lab Notebooks Impact Biomedical Engineering Students’ Quality of Documentation and Technical Communication Paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.)


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